Feed your head!

It's all about the brain. It always is. 
I help people to get better results in their personal lives and careers.

I work with


Who want to increase sales and the quality of team-building as well as organizations who want to make sure of the well-being of their employees


Who want to develop the socials skills to lead without authority coach their staff, motivate diverse teams and keep their sanity


Who are motivated to retrain their brain and increase their emotional intelligence to live a limitless life full of success and happiness.

Aurorasa reaches into your emotions and behaviors and shows you how to change them in concrete ways that improve and benefit your outlook, your internal emotional well-being, and your life.
If you're looking for help in these matters, you could not do better than to engage Aurorasa Sima. Try her, you'll like her.

Mike Bosworth

Author | Speaker | Sales Philosopher | Story Seeker
If you believe that you need to connect with people before you convince them, I can't think of anyone better than Aurorasa Sima to help you with that. 

Dr. Mark Goulston

Marshall Goldsmith MG100 Coach, speaker, best selling author, podcast and Twitter Spaces host, former UCLA professor and FBI hostage negotiation trainer
... what I've learned through my consultations with Aurorasa Sima have proven to be a remarkable exception to that rule. For I've found in those interactions significant insights into managing interpersonal relationships, as well as a seriously useful grounding in solid reality. For these reasons, Aurorasa is the only EI coach whom I've ever felt comfortable in recommending.

Phil Friedman

Managing Director


These 4 Foods Sabotage Your Success

4 Foods That Impact Your Brain Function Did you know that your diet could be sabotaging your success? The food we eat is not only important for our overall health, but is most important for our brain health and therefore, your success in all aspects of your life. A short while ago, the German media was […]

8 Habits of Successful People

What Successful People do Often, people make the assumption that to make money and be successful, you have to have either money or power. Or both. This is not true. Success is a decision, a mindset, an expectation. Anyone can be successful. Every successful person can be more successful. Circumstances can make achieving success harder […]

5 Habits that Damage your Brain

5 Easy Wellness Tips for your Brain Self-help books, media, TV shows – daily we receive wellness and health tips for different areas. Shouldn't we give the 46 ounces (1.74 kg) of nerve cells the same level of attention we give the rest of our bodies? Your brain will love the following tips: 1. Use […]

What is a Success Coach?

How you benefit from a Success Coach A Success Coach helps you to successfully implement new beliefs and habits that will result in goal achievement. Success blockers are being analyzed and eliminated. You could also say your brain activity and mindset is being optimized. Opposite to traditional coaching forms, a Success Coach uses a holistic […]

The Neuroscience of Weight Loss

When the Soul makes you Fat Neuroscientists discovered that obesity starts in your brain. Stress and anxiety are two of the major causes. Another important factor is your feeling of self-worth. In this post, we will look at a few facts, go to the root of the problem and find solutions. As you all know, […]

Why the law of attraction does not work for you

What if the law of attraction fails? Does that sound like you? You understand the law of attraction You do think positive You apply the rules for success You continuously expand your skill set Your goals are set and you have a plan You don't or hardly ever procrastinate But still, you are struggling in […]

About Mike Bosworth / Story Seekers

How I met Mike (Solution Selling) Mike's current program is called Story Seekers (read below). I first met him back in ´96 when I was fortunate enough to attend his famous Solution Selling training. You probably have heard of Solution Selling; maybe you were not aware that Mike Bosworth is the creator. I value Mike […]

The man who could not small talk

 The man who could not small talk A fairy tale There was a man who was a fabulous public speaker. When he was at the podium, the crowds went ballistic. You could see how comfortable he felt to speak in front of all of those people. Hundreds, thousands, the crowds were loving him. But, you see, […]

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