In business and in life: There is one thing we all have in common.

Painful experiences, setback, and failure decrease our EQ (Emotional Intelligence Quotient) and keep us from reaching our full potential. The results are unsatisfactory relationships and careers, missed opportunities and failed businesses.

Subconsciously, we create self-fulfilling prophecies and sabotage our relationships and level of career success. The best coaching program will not help us transform until we gain back control over our minds.

Our brain is wired to learn from painful experience and protect us from harm. That is a survival instinct. In the case of real danger, this survival instinct is very helpful. When it comes to advancing our career, achieving our goals and creating a life full of happiness - not so much.

The ability of not letting the past influence your presence is one of the most rewarding advantages of a high EQ.

Aurorasa Coaching empowers you and enables you to take back control over your mind - and your results. We offer personal coaching, free live training and self-coaching programs that will allow you to increase your level of emotional intelligence and

  • Pursue your TRUE goals, dreams, and desires
  • Form and tend better relationships (in business and in life) and stop self-sabotaging your efforts
  • Make conscious decisions (as opposed to reacting based on the past)
  • Retrain your brain for success

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Emotional Intelligence Self-Coaching Training

It takes about 9 weeks to change your brain. That is how long it takes to replace neural pathways that do not serve us with new ones.

Our self-coaching programs take that into account.

Project Eagle Emotional Training

Focuses on people who want to increase their EQ to advance their career. It's also suitable as a "train the trainer" course and includes team exercises.

Project Phoenix Emotional Intelligence Training

Project Phoenix is ideal to help people to eliminate "scars" from the past. After an intense hands-on 30-day training, in the second module, you will work on your default mode network.

Both Emotional Intelligence Training are available as a single and corporate license.