Project Eagle Emotional Intelligence Training for Sales & Business

A business-oriented training that helps people to increase their EQ and closes the gap of classic emotional intelligence training. 

Classic emotional intelligence training focuses on understanding the emotions and motives of someone. 

That works great if you want to increase the quality of your relationships and come across as likable. It doesn't work if you're trying to influence people. If you persuade people to do difficult things, you need to understand the temperament of people. 

Decisions are driven by people. People are driven by emotions. But emotions are driven by temperament (what makes us tick.)

Imagine you'd tell the same story to Obama and Trump. Do you believe it would lead them to take the same action or even feel the same emotions? 

That applies to your buyers, employees and managers too. 

Project Empathy Social Skills Training with Dr. Mark Goulston & Aurorasa Sima

project empathy make an impact increase influence dr mark goulston course

Project Empathy is the first holistic empathy training with a focus on results. 

It features the world's no 1 listening expert, Dr. Mark Goulston - AKA "The People Hacker" and is for everyone who wants to make a bigger impact and increase their influence. 

We offer a free webinar. Sign up HERE

Project Phoenix Emotional Intelligence & DMN Training


Project Phoenix is an complete emotional intelligence and default mode training. 

Not only can people increase their EQ, but they are also able to reverse changes painful experience left in their brains. 

Participants reported that it also helped them with management of chronic pain and anxiety. 

We offer a free webinar-training. Reserve your spot HERE

Project Confidence - Increase your self-trust and feeling of self-worth

Project Confidence Course Self-Confidence Self-Trust Self-Worth

This excellent 10-week training helps you shatter the walls that limit your success and life satisfaction. 

Increase your feeling of self-worth and get more of what you want. 

Develop self-confidence and get rid of anxiety of fear. Confident expectations lead to positive results. 

Project Team EQ

Project Team EQ Course Emotional Intelligence Exercises for Teams

When we stop treating staff as a resource and to treat the people as humans, magic happens. 

Project Team EQ comprises exercises that encourage 

  • better communication
  • team integration
  • increased self-awareness and social awareness

Project Team EQ is also included in Project Eagle.

Project Emotion Management

To influence others, you have be able to manage yourself effectively. And to understand others, you first have to understand yourself. 

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