Project Empathy Social Skills Training with Dr. Mark Goulston and Aurorasa

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Project Phoenix Emotional Intelligence Training - Free Webinar

  • Learn how you can use emotional intelligence to achieve the level of success and happiness you are longing for
  • Find out why nothing you have tried has worked so far
  • Get valuable and practical tips for increasing your emotional intelligence that you can implement right away

Who benefits most from this webinar?

  • Folks who are not as successful in their professional or personal life as they would like to
  • Everyone who keeps repeating negative experience (failure, conflicts…)
  • Professionals who want to become more influential and people who want to improve the quality of their relationships
  • People who did not achieve the desired results with other training/books
  • Everyone who has been emotionally hurt or experienced a traumatic event
  • People who are dealing with anxiety/depression/stress/burnout


Project Eagle Emotional Intelligence Training – Free Webinar

To influence change and persuade you have to be trusted. 

And you have to understand the agenda and emotions of your communication partner/staff/clients.

From listening skills to empathy, authenticity, self-awareness to social awareness – emotional intelligence is the set of skills and traits of successful leaders and top salespeople. 

In this webinar you will learn simple exercises and tips that will allow you to increase your EQ and improve the quality of your relationships. 

Who will benefit most from this webinar?

  • C-Level
  • Team leaders
  • Managers
  • Salespeople
  • Project Managers
  • People who are “selling” (ideas, projects, services) without formally being in sales

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Project Confidence – Increase your self-confidence and feeling of self-worth

Self-confidence is self-trust. If you don’t trust yourself – then who else will?

This free training is no joke. You will learn a lot and you will benefit greatly.

You will learn POWERFUL exercises and tips that will allow you to increase your feeling of self-worth and self-trust.

You will profit most from this training if you

  • suffer from imposter syndrome
  • have self-esteem but no self-confidence – your self-esteem is built on external factors (looks, status…)
  • don’t get from life what you deserve
  • feel you are not good enough
  • think of “they” when you think of successful people
  • are fearful, worry a lot or suffer from anxiety
  • have trouble saying “no” and setting limits

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