Aurorasa Sima is an experienced Emotional Intelligence trainer, emotional intelligence specialist for The Goulston Group and certified Marshall Goldsmith Leadership coach. She specializes in the development of Enhanced Leadership skills, Mindfulness and improved levels of Life Satisfaction.

Aurorasa has worked extensively in both enterprise and personal venues.

Raised and educated in Frankfurt, Germany, she brings an international perspective to interactions.

Following successful completion of an intensive course of study in Solution Training, Aurorasa was for seven years an International Key Account Manager at Beem GmbH, where she established and supported reseller networks in various countries including the USA, Canada, France, Switzerland, Italy, Poland, Sri Lanka, and England.

Before that Aurorasa was for several years a successful Account Manager for SAP and worked with markets in Germany, Switzerland, and Austria. In that capacity, she established and directed many consultancy projects in Data Mining, BI, Data Warehouse, and EIS, and worked to empower people and organizations in working together more efficiently and in developing effective business insights to stay ahead of the competition.

Also, a graduate of neuroplasticity, NLP and Neuroscience for Personal Growth Training, Aurorasa has more recently been associated with The Goulston Group and Mike Bosworth Leadership.

Specialties: Emotional Intelligence | Empowerment | Training Enterprise Consultation | Sales Training | Success Coaching | Self-improvement | Happiness Enhancement | Executive Coaching | Holistic Coaching

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