Why the law of attraction does not work for you

What if the law of attraction fails?

Does that sound like you?

  • You understand the law of attraction
  • You do think positive
  • You apply the rules for success
  • You continuously expand your skill set
  • Your goals are set and you have a plan
  • You don't or hardly ever procrastinate
But still, you are struggling in your career or your goal achievement.

The law of attraction works

Possible reasons that it does not work for you yet are:

  • You are too impatient. For some people, changes can happen overnight – for some it takes longer. The fact of the matter is that it takes 90 days to retrain your brain. Allow some time for new neuronal pathways to form.
  • You never fully believed in the law of attraction to start with, or you do not think you can truly attract what you are aiming for (feeling of self-worth!). It is not enough to say: I believe. You have to believe it with every cell of your body for it to manifest – your brain will know the difference.
  • Your affirmations are wrong. You might use affirmations that are too monetary and concrete and your subconscious will always tell you “no you don't.” An example would be: “I am a billionaire”. The universe has a zillion ways to get you what you want. Do not try to be too concrete about the “how” and limit the ways of the universe to give you what you ask for.
  • Emotional Intelligence. You still think about things that have gone wrong in the past. Even if you think: THIS is not going to happen again, it is a negative thought and order in the “eyes” of your brain.
  • You do not have a personal coach. You can learn a lot from books and online training – but you have nobody who could help you identify the reason for the blockage.
  • Something in your surroundings is contra productive. That could be anything that makes you unhappy and troubles you. A relationship that does not work or trouble on the job, too many negative people around you. We cannot change every situation overnight. But we can set goals and quantify the time we need to stay in a situation that does not please us.
  • You might be making excuses without being aware of it (i.e.: It takes money to make money. Not true. It takes commitment and persistence!)
  • You do not act. Life's don't change by sitting on the couch and visualizing dollar bills.
I take classes at least twice a year. I believe to advance or even stay on the same level you constantly have to work on your skill set. Just like you see something you missed the first times when you watched your favorite movie, repeating classes will always get you further. Not only because repetition is needed to learn. You constantly change, too. That is why occasionally a movie you loved in the past now seems silly to you. Or why you can hear or understand things different the second time you go through training.
Currently, I am in “Winning the Game of Money”. In September, my next station will be Seattle for a Mike Bosworth Leadership training.
Part of Winning the Game of Money is access to a closed group on Facebook. Everyone can post about their success, struggles, and worries.
I am amazed how many people do not seem to realize that they are still negative.
Enough about me – back to you. I was just making the point that I take my medicine. (;

Recommended online course (and free live event) Winning the Game of Money/Winning the Game of Fear brainathon

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Never give up – I believe in you.