The man who could not small talk

 The man who could not small talk

A fairy tale

There was a man who was a fabulous public speaker. When he was at the podium, the crowds went ballistic.

You could see how comfortable he felt to speak in front of all of those people. Hundreds, thousands, the crowds were loving him.

But, you see, this man had a secret. Nobody knew about this secret.

After his speech, when he had to mix up with the crowd, this man got petrified. He was sweating, nervously trying to hide in some corner. Pretending to work on his cell phone so that he would not look too awkward. That made him feel even more awkward.

He had no idea what to talk about with those folks, and he was the man who could not small talk.

On one of the occasions when he was trying to hide away and felt as uncomfortable as one can be. Right after the applause has ended for his fabulous speech.

This strange-looking man walked up to him and said: Hi, did you have bananas for breakfast? The man who could not small talk was puzzled. What a weird thing to say, isn't it?

He told the strange man that he did not have a banana for breakfast, and before he knew it, he was engaging in a conversation with the strange man.

Forgotten was all nervousness. Gone was the awkward feeling.

He enjoyed the conversation with the strange man, and they chatted and chatted.

At one point, the man who could not small talk asked the strange man:
“How do you do that?”
“How can go just walk up to someone and start a conversation. I could never do that.”
“But you were just talking in front of 380 people, and they loved you.”

“Yes, that is different. I can speak on a stage, at a podium. But I am unable to walk up to someone and start a conversation. I do not know how to small talk.” The man who could not small talk said and continued: “How do you do that?”
“Well, you see, I used to be a man that cannot small talk, just like you. I felt lost in crowds and did not know what to say.”
“How did you overcome that fear?”
“I started to walk into the room looking for someone who looked lost. I thought to myself that while I was unable to small talk, I could still look for someone who seems to feel lost and make him feel comfortable. If I can make only one person feel good about themselves, it is a good day. Before I realized it and without noticing it, I overcame my fear of small talk.”

Since that day, the man who needs a new name did not have problems ever again. Not talking in front of crowds and not small talking lightheartedly with the crowd.

Just as the strange man, he was looking for someone in the crowd who looked lost. He walked up to him and made him feel good.

Let us find the one lost person on every event we attend.

I hope you enjoyed that little fairy tale.