Coaching for executives and motivated individuals

Leadership is a set of skills we can learn and improve upon. But we rarely invest enough time in our growth. We have to solve problems, work on strategies, lead teams, meet goals and that stresses us out.

The paradox is that we neglect leadership development especially when we don't get the results we desire and as you are here; I guess that is true for you too. 

Investing time in yourself will help you get better results. 

Measurable results

Personal coaching pays off from day one: My pragmatic and "doable by you" approach provides instruments you can implement right away. 

Successful coaching requires two steps: 

  • You develop new skills
  • Others notice that you have improved

Learn to communicate effectively even with the most difficult members of your team, resolve conflicts with poise and get better results!

Coaching, Training, and Leadership Development Seminars

  • Effective communication 
  • Coaching methods
  • Conflict- and change management
  • Creating trust and inclusiveness in disintegrated teams
  • Difficult conversation and leading "impossible" people
  • Self-management, Stress-management

I work with clients in form of

  • 1-day intensive training
  • 3-session power pack
  • Ongoing support

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