Feed your head!

It's all about the brain. It always is. 
I help people to get better results in their personal lives and careers.

I work with


Who want to increase sales and the quality of team-building as well as organizations who want to make sure of the well-being of their employees


Who want to develop the socials skills to lead without authority coach their staff, motivate diverse teams and keep their sanity


Who are motivated to retrain their brain and increase their emotional intelligence to live a limitless life full of success and happiness.

Aurorasa reaches into your emotions and behaviors and shows you how to change them in concrete ways that improve and benefit your outlook, your internal emotional well-being, and your life.
If you're looking for help in these matters, you could not do better than to engage Aurorasa Sima. Try her, you'll like her.

Mike Bosworth

Author | Speaker | Sales Philosopher | Story Seeker
If you believe that you need to connect with people before you convince them, I can't think of anyone better than Aurorasa Sima to help you with that. 

Dr. Mark Goulston

Marshall Goldsmith MG100 Coach, speaker, best selling author, podcast and Twitter Spaces host, former UCLA professor and FBI hostage negotiation trainer
... what I've learned through my consultations with Aurorasa Sima have proven to be a remarkable exception to that rule. For I've found in those interactions significant insights into managing interpersonal relationships, as well as a seriously useful grounding in solid reality. For these reasons, Aurorasa is the only EI coach whom I've ever felt comfortable in recommending.

Phil Friedman

Managing Director


6 Signs of People with a high EQ

Emotional intelligence might still be a highly underrated and yet, the most important set of skills and character traits. EQ stands for emotional quotient. Opposite to “classic” intelligence, emotional talents are not related to mathematics or physics. It describes the ability to deal with our emotions and the emotions of others. Goethe called it: “development […]

Boost your feeling of self-worth

Project Confidence is available now "I want more from life! I would love to be stronger. More daring. I want to be myself. Not afraid of doing my thing. I want to be open to people. And, hey, while we're at it: I want to be more at peace with myself. I want to just […]

8 Hacks For More Confidence

Confidence is self-trust. How far we trust ourselves decides about our results. A former trainer of mine, Lester Karrass, famously said: "In business and in life - you don't get what you deserve, you get what you negotiate." The less faith you have in yourself, the weaker will you negotiate. You will settle for little. […]

Dealing With Toxic People - Plan A and B

Remove toxic people from your life? It's easy, right? If you spot a toxic person, you avoid them. That is Plan A. If only it were that easy … How can we tell a negative person from a destructive one? And what if they are our employees, family members, bosses, or even our spouses? Why […]

Mindfulness To Go

  Mindfulness to go Mindfulness is the new trend to release pressure and prevent job burnout. A basic idea and purpose of mindfulness is to focus on what matters in life, but it is often the esoteric chic of burnt out managers. Self-awareness is a powerful soft skill that helps us break free from traditional thinking and […]

Happiness in the NOW - Mindfulness

The hunt for happiness Do you remember how your stomach tickled when you bought your first house? Went out with the Lady of your Heart/Prince for the first time? Our hearts beat faster when something we have been longing for finally becomes reality. Nothing stands between you and ultimate happiness anymore. The extraordinary becomes commonness […]

When Words become Weapons

How to spot manipulation Words have a lot of authority, and they change our brain. Negative words as well as positive words. Currently, our society is brutalizing. That makes it even more important to keep in mind the power of words. We are living in times when hate speech becomes socially accepted. We hear words […]

NEW – Project Phoenix – Live Training

Failure and setbacks leave scars in our brains In this free webinar. I will share three techniques that will allow you to gain back control over your mind and eliminate limiting beliefs. More info:

Too much pressure? Gain back control over your mind!

Are you putting yourself under pressure? This easy tip helps you gaining back control Too much pressure causes stress. Stress can make us ill. Since 1990, the number of sick leaves for emotional distress has more than doubled. Job stress has been declared one of the biggest threats of the century by the World Health […]

What you should know to eliminate problems

We all have one. You have one. I have one. Even my pet bunny has one. I am talking about: The Basic Motive To know your basic motive can be like finding the holy grail. It's the epiphany. Enlightenment. Because it makes you understand your key driver. What motivates you, what inspires you and makes […]

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