Feed your head!

It's all about the brain. It always is. 
I help people to get better results in their personal lives and careers.

I work with


Who want to increase sales and the quality of team-building as well as organizations who want to make sure of the well-being of their employees


Who want to develop the socials skills to lead without authority coach their staff, motivate diverse teams and keep their sanity


Who are motivated to retrain their brain and increase their emotional intelligence to live a limitless life full of success and happiness.

Aurorasa reaches into your emotions and behaviors and shows you how to change them in concrete ways that improve and benefit your outlook, your internal emotional well-being, and your life.
If you're looking for help in these matters, you could not do better than to engage Aurorasa Sima. Try her, you'll like her.

Mike Bosworth

Author | Speaker | Sales Philosopher | Story Seeker
If you believe that you need to connect with people before you convince them, I can't think of anyone better than Aurorasa Sima to help you with that. 

Dr. Mark Goulston

Marshall Goldsmith MG100 Coach, speaker, best selling author, podcast and Twitter Spaces host, former UCLA professor and FBI hostage negotiation trainer
... what I've learned through my consultations with Aurorasa Sima have proven to be a remarkable exception to that rule. For I've found in those interactions significant insights into managing interpersonal relationships, as well as a seriously useful grounding in solid reality. For these reasons, Aurorasa is the only EI coach whom I've ever felt comfortable in recommending.

Phil Friedman

Managing Director


Fear of Change - 5 Life Hacks

Pledge against Living as Johnny Average Often we would rather accept to be unhappy than making changes that can lead to a better life for us. Time and time again, we can see that people only change when they have no alternatives left. When their back is against the wall. But before that came a […]

Ending Self-Sabotage

The art of being your worst enemy Self-limiting beliefs lead to self-sabotage As always in life, the number one success killer is fear. What are the most common reasons for self-sabotage? Lack of feeling of self-worth Past hurt (Emotional Intelligence) Fear of success Fear of failure Self-sabotaging behavior like eating an unhealthy diet, not pursuing our […]

Procrastination – Facts and Solution

Is Procrastination a Disease? Or are Procrastinators Just Lazy? We use the term procrastination a lot, but do we understand what it means for those who suffer from it? I wanted to write this post earlier, but the fish of my pen pal's mother's sister had the hiccups. No, seriously. This article took me a […]

Alfred Herrhausen - A Leader Ahead of his Time

Germany´s Most Powerful Manager Broke Taboos   Ph.D. Alfred Herrhausen (1930 – 1989) was a leader way ahead of his time. He was a German banker, and he polarized the German nation as well as the banking sector. In his lifetime, he had numerous critics. He was considered arrogant and cold—nothing could be farther away […]

The Biggest Success / Happiness Blocker

Why you are unhappy, unsuccessful, sick or overweight In this article, we will be looking at the single most common and deep-rooted cause of our problems. Problems like in example: I don't advance in my career I did not hit my targets I hate my job I am lonely I am overweight I am not […]

The Power of Story Telling

Story Telling / Story Tending Why do we love to hear stories Do you remember when you were a kid and your parents read a “good night” story to you? Didn't you love it? Stories inspire our fantasy and enable us to create visions. We see pictures. We become part of the story. Not only […]

Foods that Boost your Brainpower

Healthier Brain – Healthier You Nutrition plays a vital role in our mental and physical health. The brain needs nutrients like any other organ in our body to function. We have looked at foods that can damage your brain. Now we are going to look at some foods that boost your brainpower. Mother nature provides […]

Avoiding Job Burnout - What you need to know

Job Burnout Signs / Recovery / How to Avoid Job burnout or the burnout syndrome has become a widespread disease in the industrialized world. Since 1990, the number of sick leaves for emotional distress has more than doubled. Job stress has been declared one of the biggest threats of the century by the World Health […]

4 Myths about the Brain

Brain Facts or Misconceptions? 4 Myths about the Brain Despite new scientific findings, myths are tenacious. Partly because new information takes a while to find their way into the media and the public eye. Maybe sometimes we want to believe them and do not care to dig into complex issues. The following 4 myths about […]

These 4 Foods Sabotage Your Success

4 Foods That Impact Your Brain Function Did you know that your diet could be sabotaging your success? The food we eat is not only important for our overall health, but is most important for our brain health and therefore, your success in all aspects of your life. A short while ago, the German media was […]

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