aurorasa coaching charity free coaching for people in need

When you hit rock bottom...

it feels as if you're trying and fighting and when you climbed up and finally see the sky, you're already exhausted. You let go and feel a strange sense of calm desperation when your body hits the bottom of the hole again. 

Perhaps you are procrastinating or you can't seem to land a job. Maybe your business is failing and you cannot win a client. 

My specialities

  • Success Coaching
  • Emotional Intelligence Training
  • Executive Training
  • Mindfulness

Every Wednesday, I offer free sessions to four people who need help to get their head back above ground.

It doesn't matter who you are. All I am asking is that you are respect my limited time and only apply for this service if you really need it and cannot afford it at this time. Apply for a free session here. We're offering free sessions on a "first comes first serves" basis every Wednesday between 4pm and 8pm CT. Additional resources might become available through our sponsors.

Sponsor a free session

You like this initiative? Why not sponsor a session for a fellow human in need?

Would you like to stay anonymous and silently enjoy the feeling of helping someone up on their feet, or let the person know who you are? You choose.