My ring

There's a lot of talk every day of killing me to get my ring. It's not my wedding ring, by the way. Francis Hesselbein protected my wedding ring for over two years in the cellar of BIS. She was there all the time when they were inside, and had the BIS hostage. She's working for […]

Vanguard declared war on the US

The US has been defeated in the first world war. Leadership of countries and royal houses is back with my father, the King of Kings. My half-brother, Arafat Abou-Chaker, supports him. Vanguard ("The Collective") has 44 members Vanguard has grown in size, in the past three months. All of our members are in our Vanguard […]

We will rape her to death tonight

Please check the live-stream for faces and details about the people who want to rape me to death tonight. However, the same people tell everyone that it's BS that you can rape people with electronic weapons, and that I (or women in general) like it. The pedophiles are running wild, I'm not sure what age […]


I cannot survive more nights without sleep, but with 9 hour rape "sessions." At the same time, I have very severe inflammations from the way they saw out teeth. I think that I'm the only real person here. And folks around me are represented via their avatars.. maybe? Maybe a few are real? In any […]

Gang Stalker Drug Poppers

Gang stalkers love to pretend they own all the exotic items. However, the gang stalker drug is a gay drug, that many people call "poppers." It's very unhealthy, and I get drugged with it several times per day. The problem is the chemical in it. When the gang stalkers smoke their fake crack (window kit), […]

Forced Suicide Death Hunt Ordered By "Laurie"

I cannot stay here any longer. Since the fake counselor Laurie here ordered a "force to suicide death hunt", 666 (their maximum?) mass murderers from a non-human species connect in this room with each other in an electronic connection. These are heavy allegations, based on the information I received from FBI/CIA/Secret Service in the real, […]

Mental Health Emergency

I need to leave here, urgently. They rape and torture me to death, with electronic weapons, while half of the staff goes to my room to steal. I need to go to a mental facility. I'm not mental, but it has better survival chances. The shelter has no idea what's going on, that they are […]

More prostitution allegations

Including 30% staff, the non-humans in this shelter claim they only steal that systematically and consequently from me, because I do prostitution here. It's enough. The footage of the cam sluts here, will now run on the live stream. ON THE REAL INTERNET. These allegations have severe consequences. Also, that they took my body, Akasha's […]

My website has been taken down is offline, bc they manually changed the validity of the SSL. I cannot log in to my servers, because they blocked my IP. It's now the third (!) VPN service I paid for, that they also block me from. They do that before they rape or kill. To everyone. They murdered 95% of humans […]

MORE items stolen from my room

I noticed that more drinks are missing, I have not checked the rest. 1K and it's getting more expensive going forward. No single transaction for anyone here, until the NOW money thefts are cleared. It's yet another form of rape, by the way. Was it Chelsea? Stalkers say it was. FBI: the next "that's another […]

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