Hooray to judging others!

Why you need to be judgemental Many influential speakers, coaches, and teachers tell us we should stop judging other people. Is that realistic? Judging is our basic instinct Our natural fear of being judged is nearly as strong as our instinct to judge others. Making a judgement or establishing expectations we have in others doesn’t […]

Are you in love with failure?

“If you want to improve, be content to be thought foolish and stupid.”  — Epictetus What do you hear when you read this quote? Popular media outlets suggest failing is the best learning lesson. Some folks sound delighted when they share about things that didn’t work out. One might feel ashamed to admit a super win […]

Ancient wisdom for modern leadership – Amor Fati

We're always on the hunt for new knowledge. If we attend a seminar and the speaker shares content we heard before, we're bored. We might even get angry. "Tell me something new!"

Why trust is the best illusion of control

The illusion of control is an irrational thought because we never really have control.
"Radical acceptance rests on letting go of the illusion of control and a willingness to notice and accept things as they are right now, without judging." ~ Marsha M. Linehan

How to beat Zoom fatigue

I recently read an article in The New York Times about meeting fatigue: The feeling of exhaustion and tiredness after virtual meetings. Video conferencing is strenuous for our brain. There’re several reasons for that.

My favorite reason is the one Jeremy Bailenson (University of Stanford) mentioned in one of his articles: “When someone is close to you and stares at you, from an evolutionary standpoint it means: You’ll fight or mate.”

Thirteen 1-Minute Life Hacks will change your life

These simple 1-minute hacks will change your life.

Can you relate? Sometimes life feels like an endless loop, similar to the movie groundhog day. The same routine every day, week in, week out.
Your life isn’t bad, it’s ok.Your stuck in your habits and you think to yourself: Just ok is not good enough. I want out of this loop and live a glorious life!

Solving conflicts through nonviolent communication

How to get your point through peacefully During a confrontation or a discourse, communicating kindly but assertively can be a challenge. It’s as much about how we say something as it is about what we say. A simple method can help you speak peace in a world of crisis and conflicts, non-violent communication. Deceased psychologist, […]

Inner Conflicts – Are you your own worst Enemy?

Most of you probably know the feeling of being your own nemesis. Maybe you’re trying to live up to your standards or fulfill the expectations of others. Or maybe you’re in a catch-22 situation and have difficulties deciding which way to go.

Emotional Wellness Mini Course

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Gratitude—The Underrated Leadership Skill

How should a brilliant leader be? Strong, assertive, a visionary, self-confident? Yes, maybe, but there’s more. An important skill we often overlook is gratitude. Gratitude a leadership skill? “Be grateful for what you have!” Wow, that sounds like a mix of Zen and advice from your grandmother. However, gratitude never goes out of style. Gratitude […]

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