Foods That Make You More Productive

Foods That Make You More Productive

Food influences how much you get done My last posts were about goal-setting and how to achieve more by having the right mindset and attitude. As pointed out in my articles Foods that boost your brainpower and 4 foods that sabotage your success the role of nutrition should not be underestimated when it comes to productivity. […]

4 Tips for Uncluttering your Mind

How to unclutter your mind 4 Easy Tips for Efficiency You probably have heard those tips for uncluttering your mind before. But while many people feel stressed, only very few follow these tips in everyday life. It is easy to lose the overview and keep your mind fresh. Every year, new communication devices crawl into […]

Avoiding Job Burnout - What you need to know

Job Burnout Signs / Recovery / How to Avoid Job burnout or the burnout syndrome has become a widespread disease in the industrialized world. Since 1990, the number of sick leaves for emotional distress has more than doubled. Job stress has been declared one of the biggest threats of the century by the World Health […]

These 4 Foods Sabotage Your Success

4 Foods That Impact Your Brain Function Did you know that your diet could be sabotaging your success? The food we eat is not only important for our overall health, but is most important for our brain health and therefore, your success in all aspects of your life. A short while ago, the German media was […]

5 Habits that Damage your Brain

5 Easy Wellness Tips for your Brain Self-help books, media, TV shows – daily we receive wellness and health tips for different areas. Shouldn't we give the 46 ounces (1.74 kg) of nerve cells the same level of attention we give the rest of our bodies? Your brain will love the following tips: 1. Use […]

The Neuroscience of Weight Loss

When the Soul makes you Fat Neuroscientists discovered that obesity starts in your brain. Stress and anxiety are two of the major causes. Another important factor is your feeling of self-worth. In this post, we will look at a few facts, go to the root of the problem and find solutions. As you all know, […]

Cognitive Neuroscience and Fear

How to use Fear to your advantage Cognitive Neuroscience says behavior is connected to fear And neuroscientists provide explanations that lead to solutions. Read on if you want to learn how thousands of people successfully overcame their fear and achieved more success in their personal and business lives. Everyone feels fear from time to time. […]

Social Cognitive Neuroscience - NeuroWisdom 101 Mark Waldman

NeuroWisdom 101 and Cognitive Neuroscience There are many places where you might have heard of or met renown neuroscientist Mark Waldman. I first met him as one of the coaches in John Assaraf´s program Winning the Game of Money Game of Money. Soon I learned that Mark Waldman is not only a leader in neurosciences […]

John Assaraf Brainathon Reviews

John Assaraf Brainathon Differences and Reviews Are you wondering what the difference between John Assaraf three Brainathons is? All three are excellent resources for improving different aspects of your life. However, each one is designed to help in specific areas.  Today, I’ll be looking at the Brainathon reviews, and pointing out the difference between three […]

Neurogym´s Winning the Game of Weight Loss arrived!

Details about Winning the Game of Weight Loss Before You Can Lose The Weight, You Have To Lose The Fear Have you ever wondered why your diets fail and not only fail, but you seem to then add on extra pounds?  Think about all the celebrities that have lost weight over and over again, gaining […]