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NeuroWisdom 101 and Cognitive Neuroscience

There are many places where you might have heard of or met renown neuroscientist Mark Waldman.

Social Cognitive Neuroscience and Mark Waldman
I first met him as one of the coaches in John Assaraf´s program Winning the Game of Money Game of Money. Soon I learned that Mark Waldman is not only a leader in neurosciences but also a splendid coach. I dug deeper into his offering and here is what I learned:
Do you find yourself a little bit in the question below?
Do fear and stress dominate your thoughts and feelings? Does it take control of your life and affect your actions every day? These things can leave you paralyzed and feel trapped.
Mark Waldman´s NeuroWisdom might be the answer. Let us have a closer look at how NeuroWisdom 101 will help break with counterproductive thinking and aid in eliminating negative thoughts about yourself that are holding you back.

What Is Mark Waldman´s NeuroWisdom 101?

This revolutionary program was created by Mark Robert Waldman, who is a leader in neuroscience research.

NeuroWisdom 101 is the direct result of 10 years of his research in discovering ways to improve brain health and the most efficient way to do this. It has 58 Simple Micro-Exercises that help you replace the self-limiting fears and doubts with emotional resilience, positivity, and work satisfaction.It is based on a model of human awareness the incorporates over 31,000 studies from renown institutes like the National Library of Medicine. This program teaches you how to access increasingly higher states of consciousness and brain activity,

This program will teach you how to apply core strategies of cognitive therapy, positive psychology, and brain-training to all aspects of your life.

Mark Waldman put together a collection of meditations, exercises, and lessons that are proven scientifically to improve all areas of perception, memory, cognition, and also improve your health.

Some of the things you will learn with this program are:

  • Turning obstacles into allies
  • Improve the effectiveness and quality of your meditation
  • Learn how to deal with difficult emotions
  • Reduce your physical pain
  • Increase your work productivity
  • Learn how to eliminate stress and worry
  • Helps to find happiness
  • Improve your relationships

Some of the other great things that you will experience with NeuroWisdom101 are:

You will

  • Discover purpose and your true meaning in life
  • Change your negativity into dedicated optimism
  • Acquire more peace and joy in your life
  • Get rid of worry, self-doubt, and stress
  • Build cooperation and trust with other people
  • Improve communication at work and home
  • Optimize neural functioning, life satisfaction, and longevity
  • Discover and use the intuitive wisdom and creativity of your brain


Why NeuroWisdom 101 for social cognitive neuroscience?

Our brains have well over 85 billion neurons that are continually connecting and disconnecting every day. What I think is fascinating, is a slight part of our frontal lobes, handle our self-awareness and the many choices we make. However, what we believe and think has the power to change the functioning and structure of other parts of our brain.
Pain, hurt, failure cause certain neuronal pathways to form that force us to react a certain way. This way is often counterproductive and also referred to as Emotional Intelligence.

New neuronal pathways will be formed

This 8-week program will enable you to change your mindset to experience more happiness, mindfulness, positivity and be more accepting of others, yourself and circumstances. By committing to your daily goals, you will be able to make decisions based on your core values. It will help you to deepen your meditative state at any moment and realize that the words “I’ve changed my mind” has a whole new meaning.

This is the ONE brain training program that is

  • Endorsed by leading universities
  • Based on extensive research
  • Endorsed by peer-reviewed studies and worldwide experts
  • Guaranteed to improve clarity, mood, and performance
  • Working with only investing 20 minutes a day for eight weeks

People spend thousands of dollars each year on business coaches and therapists that take months and years to complete. With NeuroWisdom101, you will permanently change your brain and life in just eight weeks. I highly recommend this program if you want to eliminate those inner voices that keep you from having it all and transform your mindset today.

The product comes with a 30-day money back guarantee and on your right (side of this post) you will find a free eBook as well.
30-day money back? Yawn...everyone offers that. Here is the difference in Mark Waldman´s: He wants you to return the program if it is not the BEST program you have ever used.
If you already know that this program is what you need and for even more information click on the brain below:
 NeuroWisdom101 Mark Waldman
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