Death and Resurrection of a Salesperson

Death and Resurrection of a Salesperson

Audio Version Eddy was a salesperson. He felt thrilled when he scored a job with a company that sells digital training for children. Just look at the size of his new market: Schools, private tutoring – Eddy could nearly feel the warm sand under his feet. Soon he would take his family to Jamaica on […]

The #1 EI Skill You Need to Sell More

Many different emotional intelligence skills help increase sales and improve conversion rates. However, let’s put the spotlight on one ability in particular: Delayed gratification.

The scream

The scream is the loudest in your head and for individuals close by.
But maybe the people you want to reach can’t hear you.
In a sea of screamers, perhaps it’s worth cutting through the noise thoughtful and purposeful.

To make an impact increase influence

If you want to leave the world a better place then you found it, you have to be able to change your environment. Influence is a transfer of emotions that leads people to take action and even do difficult things. Empathy allows you to connect authentically with people, get where they are coming from and […]

Ancient wisdom for modern leaders – The Curse of Experience
5 Problems of Salespeople with a low EQ
How to influence without authority

Susan is the head of development of a medium-sized IT company. She is very well respected by her colleagues and the CEO. Not only do they ask her for advice regarding all questions about IT development, they also seek her advice regarding countless other questions. The marketing department listens to Susan when they're evaluating new […]

What you should know to eliminate problems

We all have one. You have one. I have one. Even my pet bunny has one. I am talking about: The Basic Motive To know your basic motive can be like finding the holy grail. It's the epiphany. Enlightenment. Because it makes you understand your key driver. What motivates you, what inspires you and makes […]

The Power of Story Telling

Story Telling / Story Tending Why do we love to hear stories Do you remember when you were a kid and your parents read a “good night” story to you? Didn't you love it? Stories inspire our fantasy and enable us to create visions. We see pictures. We become part of the story. Not only […]

About Mike Bosworth / Story Seekers

How I met Mike (Solution Selling) Mike's current program is called Story Seekers (read below). I first met him back in ´96 when I was fortunate enough to attend his famous Solution Selling training. You probably have heard of Solution Selling; maybe you were not aware that Mike Bosworth is the creator. I value Mike […]