The #1 EI Skill You Need to Sell More

Emotional Intelligence in Sales or how to increase your ICR (Influence Conversion Rate)

Many different emotional intelligence skills help increase sales and improve conversion rates. However, let’s put the spotlight on one ability in particular: Delayed gratification.

Delayed gratification means that you’re willing to do the groundwork before you get the reward. You’re resilient and patient enough to wait for as long as it takes to close. Depending on the cost and complexity of your offering, it could take a few months or even a year. It’s challenging to keep your motivation up and resist the impulse to get pushy.

Did it ever happen to you that you had just what a prospect needed and they still backed off?

The EI skill you need to sell more

It’s not easy under normal circumstances to keep dignity and poise intact. However, salespeople have to hit their goal, and if they miss it repeatedly, they’ll likely get fired. The pressure is immense, and it’s no wonder that most salespeople get pushy.

The needed skill is part of the self-restraint that people with high emotional intelligence possess. Increasing your emotional intelligence allows you to recognize and control your emotional states. In sales, there’s a feeling of urgency that pushes you to try and close the deal now. Alternatively, maybe management creates intense pressure to close the sale no matter the cost, often resulting in lost business.

The self-restraint of EI allows you to control that counterproductive urge so that you can approach the prospect with poise even if you’re under pressure.

You probably already knew that the long term is what you should aim for. You are aware that making decisions hastily and trying to force a sale isn’t a good strategy. You realize you should control impulses that can cost you the deal. However, when the pressure is on, it’s challenging to appeal to reason.

Impulse control and with it the ability to work effectively towards your goal is a skill every salesperson should learn. If you’re calling and emailing prospects but getting no instant results, you may feel frustrated and want to give up. However, those who are patient, resilient, and self-motivated are the most successful salespeople.

How is your impulse control? Take a quick test HERE.

High emotional intelligence allows you to develop a strategy and look to the long-term. People with high EI are patient, self-motivated, and focused on the future. They typically are good at prioritizing tasks.

Part of the groundwork is creating connection and trust. No matter how long someone trusted you, the first time you hurt them, the trust is broken and coming back is difficult.

I once heard a tale about a mysterious tribe living somewhere in the wilds. They know rain magic.
It’s a secret dance that works 100% of the time.

Scientists traveled there to discover the secret of the tribe who can make it rain every time.

They found the secret of the mysterious tribe: They danced until it rained.

So, how can you improve your impulse control and resilience in this area?

  • Know your values. Keep your values in mind and say “no” when something doesn’t align perfectly with them.
  • Know your goals. Identify your long-term goals and keep them at the forefront of your mind instead of short-term gains.
  • Learn to plan and prioritize. Take the proper time to set out a plan and see it through.
  • Improve your emotional intelligence. Learn some skills to improve your overall EI, and you’ll see improvement in many areas.
  • The principle of delayed gratification is one of the key reasons why people with high EI are generally successful, and it’s especially helpful in sales-oriented professions.