What you should know to eliminate problems

We all have one. You have one. I have one. Even my pet bunny has one. I am talking about:

The Basic Motive

To know your basic motive can be like finding the holy grail.

It's the epiphany. Enlightenment.

Because it makes you understand your key driver. What motivates you, what inspires you and makes you shine occasionally. And at the same time is a source of your problems.

Coming back to my pet bunny: In his case, it's easy. Food. Well, it's a bunny. Bunny's are known for ...... and for loving food.

I love to eat too, but my basic motive is of a different nature

What is the basic motive

What I mean is the key driver that we align our decisions, our thinking and our actions with.

An example of a basic motive is security. Many people try to always be safe. Not risk anything. “Never change a running system”. “A bird in the hand is worth two in the bushes”.

Sadly, the price for security is liveliness.

Another basic motive is control. Not my personal favorite. There are loads of people who try to control everyone and everything. That can be exhausting for the people around. If you tell a control freak: “just let go” you will see a painful expression on his face.

Variety is another basic motive. People with this key driver are like butterflies. Bored after 15 seconds, they flutter from flower to flower. Or job to job…relationship to relationship. Without ever mastering anything.

To belong to is a basic motive you will often find as well. People with this key driver will not last long on a deserted island and are constantly at risk of losing themselves in the necessities of complying.

There are many more: Harmony, Challenge, Competition, Adventure, Helping, Comfort, Indulgence … and so on.

If you have already thought about this, you probably know your basic motive. If you can guess mine: drop me a note.

A key for a great life is handling your basic motive skillfully:

  1. Find and understand your basic motive (self-awareness)
  2. Understand the danger and negative sides of your key driver (each has some) and handle it in a constructive way (maturity)
  3. Find your place in life where your basic motive is a strength, and you can score (fulfillment)
Now, the biggest success blocker, source of your problems and blockages is and will always be fear. Fear plays into any other source of issues I have and will ever describe and offer solutions for.
This post is a tad shorter than normally.....that is because I am working on another massive post for you: 10 hacks to motivate yourself.
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