Hooray to judging others!

Hooray to judging others!

Why you need to be judgemental Many influential speakers, coaches, and teachers tell us we should stop judging other people. Is that realistic? Judging is our basic instinct Our natural fear of being judged is nearly as strong as our instinct to judge others. Making a judgement or establishing expectations we have in others doesn’t […]

Death and Resurrection of a Salesperson

Audio Version Eddy was a salesperson. He felt thrilled when he scored a job with a company that sells digital training for children. Just look at the size of his new market: Schools, private tutoring – Eddy could nearly feel the warm sand under his feet. Soon he would take his family to Jamaica on […]

Humm-Wadsworth vs. DISC

DISC is based on the assumption that your type is fluid and situational. You could be dominant at home and compliant at work. You can be in a different quadrant socially than at work and move into a different quadrant depending on what you're doing and at which level you are doing it.

For immediate release: Project Empathy Social Skills Training

Aurorasa Coaching launches Project Empathy Social Skills Training, the first holistic digital empathy training with Dr. Mark Goulston. Aurorasa Coaching is launching Project Empathy Social Skills Training, an empathy training based on the Humm-Wadsworth personality model, a flexible framework for understanding people's temperaments. The training is targeting the growing demand for emotional intelligence training from […]