For immediate release: Project Empathy Social Skills Training

Aurorasa Coaching launches Project Empathy Social Skills Training, the first holistic digital empathy training with Dr. Mark Goulston.

Aurorasa Coaching is launching Project Empathy Social Skills Training, an empathy training based on the Humm-Wadsworth personality model, a flexible framework for understanding people's temperaments. The training is targeting the growing demand for emotional intelligence training from leaders, executives, salespeople, and entrepreneurs who want to improve the quality of their relationships and achieve better results.

Project Empathy helps to increase influence in an ethical and sustainable way by offering a flexible personality model that allows people to communicate effectively and cater to every personality type. The empathy training is completed by connective listening training and also teaches how to ask better questions with Dr. Mark Goulston's MIA method.

While most personality models are inflexible and come at the risk of developing bias by categorizing people with a static "Type A" "Type B" scheme, the Humm-Wadsworth temperament scale offers an open approach to understanding the emotions and motives of every type of personality. In combination with improved listening skills, the empathy training enables participants to increase their influence and lead and sell more successfully.

The 4-week training is accessible through a membership site and teaches to:

  • Communicate effectively by understanding people's temperament and their triggers
  • Create positive connections by asking better questions with Dr. Mark Goulston's MIA technique
  • Become better listeners and increase trust

Combining the best of the digital training and personal coaching world, students have access to their trainer Aurorasa Sima (one live Q&A session, email support) throughout the whole training. The empathy training is available to individuals as well as groups.

A complimentary 8-week emotions training is included for individuals who struggle with managing and regulating their own emotions.

The digital empathy training is served in "brain-sized" bites and includes exercises to make sure that the newly learned wisdom turns into skills and habits.

Aurorasa Sima, an emotional intelligence specialist and founder of Aurorasa Coaching says: "Leaders, entrepreneurs, and salespeople often lack empathy which leads to ineffective communication and results in disintegrated teams, unnecessary conflicts, lost sales, and increased stress levels."

Project Empathy does not teach tricks or a "one-fits-all" methodology. It teaches how to create sincere positive connections that lead to effective communication and measurable results.

Project Empathy was created in response to demand for clients wanting to become better leaders and salespeople and entrepreneurs struggling with converting prospects to buyers. It launches over the next week.


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About Aurorasa Coaching

Founded by Aurorasa Sima in 2015, Aurorasa Coaching offers emotional intelligence training and executive coaching in digital and virtual form as well as on-site training.

About Aurorasa Sima

Aurorasa Sima is an Emotional Intelligence Trainer and founder of Aurorasa Coaching, certified Marshall Goldsmith Leadership Coach, Emotional Intelligence Specialist for the Goulston Group and partner of Mike Bosworth Leadership.

Aurorasa has worked extensively in both enterprise and personal venues. Raised and educated in Frankfurt, Germany, she brings an international perspective, heart, and pragmatism to interactions.

About Dr. Mark Goulston

Dr. Mark Goulston, aka "The People Hacker" is a world-renown thought leader and the no. 1 listening-skills expert. He next went on to train FBI and police hostage negotiators. Dr. Mark Goulston has since expanded his work to "Hacking Genius" and speaks and teaches internationally.

His company, The Goulston Group, is hired by Founders, CEO's and Boards of Directors to help them create a "gotta have it!" response to their services and products.