Hooray to judging others!

Hooray to judging others!

Why you need to be judgemental Many influential speakers, coaches, and teachers tell us we should stop judging other people. Is that realistic? Judging is our basic instinct Our natural fear of being judged is nearly as strong as our instinct to judge others. Making a judgement or establishing expectations we have in others doesn’t […]

When Words become Weapons

How to spot manipulation Words have a lot of authority, and they change our brain. Negative words as well as positive words. Currently, our society is brutalizing. That makes it even more important to keep in mind the power of words. We are living in times when hate speech becomes socially accepted. We hear words […]

The Power of Story Telling

Story Telling / Story Tending Why do we love to hear stories Do you remember when you were a kid and your parents read a “good night” story to you? Didn't you love it? Stories inspire our fantasy and enable us to create visions. We see pictures. We become part of the story. Not only […]

The man who could not small talk

 The man who could not small talk A fairy tale There was a man who was a fabulous public speaker. When he was at the podium, the crowds went ballistic. You could see how comfortable he felt to speak in front of all of those people. Hundreds, thousands, the crowds were loving him. But, you see, […]