Mindfulness To Go

Mindfulness To Go

  Mindfulness to go Mindfulness is the new trend to release pressure and prevent job burnout. A basic idea and purpose of mindfulness is to focus on what matters in life, but it is often the esoteric chic of burnt out managers. Self-awareness is a powerful soft skill that helps us break free from traditional thinking and […]

Procrastination – Facts and Solution

Is Procrastination a Disease? Or are Procrastinators Just Lazy? We use the term procrastination a lot, but do we understand what it means for those who suffer from it? I wanted to write this post earlier, but the fish of my pen pal's mother's sister had the hiccups. No, seriously. This article took me a […]

Foods that Boost your Brainpower

Healthier Brain – Healthier You Nutrition plays a vital role in our mental and physical health. The brain needs nutrients like any other organ in our body to function. We have looked at foods that can damage your brain. Now we are going to look at some foods that boost your brainpower. Mother nature provides […]

4 Myths about the Brain

Brain Facts or Misconceptions? 4 Myths about the Brain Despite new scientific findings, myths are tenacious. Partly because new information takes a while to find their way into the media and the public eye. Maybe sometimes we want to believe them and do not care to dig into complex issues. The following 4 myths about […]

These 4 Foods Sabotage Your Success

4 Foods That Impact Your Brain Function Did you know that your diet could be sabotaging your success? The food we eat is not only important for our overall health, but is most important for our brain health and therefore, your success in all aspects of your life. A short while ago, the German media was […]

5 Habits that Damage your Brain

5 Easy Wellness Tips for your Brain Self-help books, media, TV shows – daily we receive wellness and health tips for different areas. Shouldn't we give the 46 ounces (1.74 kg) of nerve cells the same level of attention we give the rest of our bodies? Your brain will love the following tips: 1. Use […]

The Neuroscience of Weight Loss

When the Soul makes you Fat Neuroscientists discovered that obesity starts in your brain. Stress and anxiety are two of the major causes. Another important factor is your feeling of self-worth. In this post, we will look at a few facts, go to the root of the problem and find solutions. As you all know, […]