The Nightmare on Christmas

Follow as many of the seven tips as possible to make Christmas the catastrophe of the year

Christmas after a loss

Even if you feel you made the first steps toward coping with grief, the first Christmas after a loss tears up old wounds. When grandma’s chair stays empty. When Papa doesn’t dress up as Santa. When you don’t have a partner to celebrate with.

5 Tips for Leading Teams

Leading teams means leading people with different temperaments. Opposite to popular belief, a person without leadership skills can become a successful leader, if they train and develop skills they lack. Don't play the authority card “Because I tell you…” Maybe you heard these or similar “arguments” back in school. We should not make this mistake […]

Tips for New Leaders

Leadership means triple responsibility and triple opportunity.

The first recorded outbreak of Syphilis was in 1494 in Europe. Before modern medicine and all of its advances, Syphilis was one of the worst diseases.

Why Stress Damages Your Brain

Why is stress so detrimental for our brain? Learn why adrenalin and cortisol make your brain shrink and how you can stress less

6 Signs You're Immature

If there's one thing that is sure in life, it's that we age. However, getting older doesn't equal getting more mature.
Recently, Don contacted me. The reason his former employer gave him for firing him is that he is too immature. Don asked if I could help him to "grow up." I admit that his inquiry caught me by surprise. However, I get it.
The behavior that makes us the coolest, most sought-after kid in school, doesn't work later in life.

Finding your Inner Peace

Bursting the bubble An event throws us off course. It can be something as small as a canceled appointment or something existential, for instance, a dangerous disease, job loss, or the end of our marriage. Some people's mood changes if their favorite soccer team loses or the weather is dreadful. Most of you can relate: […]

The #1 EI Skill You Need to Sell More

Many different emotional intelligence skills help increase sales and improve conversion rates. However, let’s put the spotlight on one ability in particular: Delayed gratification.

Do you have potential for leadership?

A leadership role requires a different skill set, and also mental strength and the ability to deal with pressure.

We made an assessment that can help you to find out if you have what it takes to be a successful leader.

Ancient Wisdom for modern Leaders: The rotten Apple

The common interpretation is that the basket of apples is an analogy for your beliefs, opinions, and perspective.

It’s possible that one or more apples are rotten. Who cares, right? Does it matter if there’s one rotten in a mass of healthy?

Yes. It matters. Decay is like an infectious disease and if you don’t remove the foul apple, it might infect the healthy apples around it.

We can’t look at beliefs and opinions isolated and separate from each other. They are connected, one is built on the other and a single wrong belief poses the risk to spread its falsehood within our belief system.