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Winning the Game of Weight loss, WTGWL, is john assaraf fraudWinning the Game of weight-loss by John Assaraf Preview

John Assaraf's programs "Winning the Game of Fear", "Cloning of Business Success", "Winning the Game of Money" and the bestselling "Having it all" (to name only a few) have helped thousands of people achieving their financial goals. And now...weight loss?

John Assaraf's newest program, Winning the Game of Weight-loss (short WTGWL) will be released in early June. Sign up to my newsletter to be the first to know and get access on the release day. A detailed review of the program will be available too!

Let me tell you that much: You will not want to miss it. 

ANOTHER weight-loss program? There are uncountable weight-loss programs, pills, powders, systems, work-outs and other products around, right? Most of them are not worth the ink on the packaging label. Many are even health hazards. 
Who do so many people suffer from being overweight or even obese and seem unable to change it?
Does that mean that more and more people lack self-discipline? Or willpower? Are they just too lazy? 

None of this is the case. It is not your fault!

As a Holistic Nutritionist Consultant, certified in two countries, I am helping people losing weight in a healthy way and keeping it off effortlessly for many years. 

Why can only a holistic approach address the cause of weight gain? 

Rarely, it is only one factor that is causing the problem. The same is true for illness. When more than one factors are out of order, it will have hazardous effects on our health or weight.

Obesity is an illness. Not a cosmetic problem. 

That is why every isolated approach, every new wonder diet, etc. is destined to fail. YOU do not fail. The approach is a fail. 
Here is a list of some potentials factors: 
- mental state
- malnutrition
- intake of toxins/missing or wrong information
- addiction
- habits
One of the major factors for weight gain is self-worth. Many people lack self-worth, self-awareness. In that case, one has to dig to the origin of this deep routed disorder. New thoughts and beliefs have to be implemented causing new neuronal networks to form. This is the biggest problem, and most of the current diet programs do not even cover this aspect. 
Depression, fear, loneliness are also huge contributors to the problem of overeating. 
winning the game of weight loss review
Often we just lack the education on proper nutrition. Why would you believe the "healthy protein, calorie-reduced" cereal is rather unhealthy? Or that zero calorie coke is even more harmful to our health and weight than regular soda. You can say "I do not have time to cook" is an excuse. Or maybe.. have we just forgotten how to deal with real food and what alternatives we have to replace the 6 minutes microwave meal? 
The more toxins we take in, the less the liver can aid in dealing with fat. Did you notice how since the 80s when the "diet" and "light" products started the number of obese people is skyrocketing? 
Some of the additives in our foods cause addiction. Some MSGs, sugar and other bad things that sadly are allowed in our food. In my home country, Germany, btw aspartame is only allowed for feeding animals. It is mainly used for feeding pigs. So that they get more hungry and fatter. You will not see me following the FDA on Twitter any time soon. 
Old habits can be a factor in two ways: 
1. The way we were brought up. Candy i.e. was a reward, a treat. In the past when processed food just started to enter our kitchens and take over we did not have all of the information on the damage they cause to our health. Often unhealthy food have been used as a treat. Like cotton candy in a family park. The trigger is candy cotton = positive, fun, love. 
2. Many vitamins and nutrients are extracted by our guts. Sugar, artificial additives, MEDICINE .... all of these hurt our gut flora and leave what can be thought of like a glue film. When our gut is not able to grab all the nutrients he needs. Guess what? We will feel hungry again. And again. Until the flora has been restored and cleaned.
On a side note: Sport, by the way, in my opinion is overrated when it comes to weight-loss. Muscles do burn a bit more calories. Sport is necessary for your soul and your health. An hour of intense jogging can burn up to 400 calories. Leaving a glass of orange juice away is worth 300. 
Obesity is a significant problem for the people suffering from it. Not only is it an extreme health risk but it is also killing your self-esteem. It can mean the end of your social life and lowered chances in the job market. "Fat" people are perceived to be lazy and lacking willpower.  
Now, enough of the negatives. Let's talk positives now. Let's discuss solutions. I know you are not lazy, you are not lacking anything else than owning the right tools and methods.

No matter what you have tried before. This time, you will not fail. 

It is time to change your mindset. It is time to change your beliefs and your feeling of self-worth. This time, you will succeed. 

Is "Winning the Game of weight-loss" fraud?

Here is a sneak peak on some of the features of the program:
Based on the proven thesis that it is the mindset, not the diet that makes the difference this program will deliver aha-moments, emotional breakthroughs, and insights. 
  • reliable success system with corresponding client support
  • not just a product. Brain training, changes on even the unconscious level
  • it will be priced aggressively
  • evidence-based product methodologies
  • strong community support
  • backed up by a money-back-guarantee
Naturally, I do not often recommend the programs of others because I want you to work with me. More importantly, I do not often come across excellent programs. 
This is a good program. The only way how it could not work is if you buy it and burn it. 
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As always, I would appreciate if you shared your thoughts and I hope you enjoyed this article. 


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