Winning the Game of Weight Loss Brainathon UPDATE

UPDATE June 9th, 2015

It is finally here:

John Assaraf´s next big thing arrived!

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Winning the Game of Weight Loss, NeuroGym

I am happy to share with you that the release date is approaching. You might be even able to sense my positive excitement through this post.

The next big thing - retrain your brain and finally get the body you want. You all know how proud I am of the partnership of Aurorasa Coaching and NeuroGym. Every new program is an even bigger next thing.

John Assaraf is one of few people who became rich APPLYING his techniques and teachings - not by just selling them.

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John Assaraf started recording Winning the Game of Weight Loss today.

winning the game of weight loss review john assaraf neurogym

The program will be available at a very affordable price. I would love to hear from you how much you approximately spent on weight loss programs, products, powders, pills that did not work. Just Email me.

Who is John Assaraf's Neurogym? 

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Why obesity is dangerous

I will not go into details about the health risks because we all know those.

There are two other huge problems that accompany obesity:

The perception of the society

It is proven that obese people have lowered chances on the job market. Even though this is FAR from true they are being seen as lazy. Also, employers expect an obese person as someone who works slower, has more sick days and is lacking motivation in general.

The same is true when looking for love. Many people are not attracted to bigger-sized people. There is still a lot of animalic instincts in all of us and subconsciously we, like animals, chose partners we consider "healthy" and able to reproduce.

We might have new technology nowadays, but not much has changed since the days of the cavemen.

The damage to your soul

When you fail at one thing it impacts the neuronal networks in your brain. Out of failure results the anticipation of more failure and before you know it. 
You might or might not have realized how your feeling of self-worth got hurt and how your self-esteem has lowered. 
Winning the Game of Weight Loss will be your instrument to create new neuronal networks that will allow for your success in all areas of life. 
Winning the Game of Weight Loss benefits at a glance
  • Ends your FK days
  • Brain retraining will help you achieve more success on other levels too
  • Save tons of money. No more diets, pills etc needed. EVER AGAIN
  • Better chances on the job market
  • No t-shirts at the beach
  • Better chances on the dating scene
  • Improved quality of health = LIFE
  • No more feeling like a failure
  • No more being stared at
Subscribers to my newsletter will get access on the release date and also receive a lowered rate for my Holistic Nutrition Consulting service. 
Hopefully, you are being as excited as I am right now and are looking forward to ending your days of suffering through useless diets and spending a ton of money on them. 
Have a great day!

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