Winning the Game of Fear Brain-A-Thon Review

John Assaraf Brainathon, Winning the Game of Fear

What is Neurogym's Winning the Game of Fear?

Winning the Game of Fear is a multi-component brain re-train system. It has been developed by John Assaraf, NeuroGym and enables you to:

  • Learn how fear works
  • Recognize deep rooted hidden fear
  • Overcome fear and doubt hidden in your subconscious mind
  • Eliminate success blockers by releasing self-doubts
  • Achieve your life- and career goals easily
  • Reduce your stress level
  • Deal with post traumata
  • Deal with stress addiction as well as burnout syndromes
  • Grow self-esteem and confidence to quickly achieve your goals
The program features brain re-train experts like John Assaraf, Dr. George Pratt, Mark Waldman, Dr. Heidi Hanna and Dr. Joan Rosenberg.

The program costs nearly $ 600. While you cannot even put a price onto personal growth read below about how you can get the same benefit at a lower price.

The components included in the full program are:

  • Audio series, brain re-train program
  • Excessive library of videos by neuroscientists, brain- and fear experts and case studies
  • Access to John Assaraf's private Facebook community where you can chat with him and Mark Waldman as well as other participants of the program
  • Additional bonus recordings including: "Achieve Peak Mental Clarity and Focus", "Whole Brain Problem Solving", and "Immune System Booster To Keep You Super Healthy".

You can pay in full ($497) or two installations. When paid full you will receive an additional in-depth personality- and skill assessment test. That is very useful to learn about your natural skills. Often we have a misperception about what our true skills are and we are stuck in professions that do not take advantage of our unique set of skills.

Furthermore, you will receive communication and valuable videos from John Assaraf on an ongoing basis (weekly).

winning the game of fear brain re-train system by john assaraf, neurogym
That said, attending the free event can be a life-changer all by itself.

Whom is this Brain-A-Thon for?

Because fear is such a universal feeling that is holding us every one of us back in every aspect of our lives this program is for everyone.
winning the game of fear testimonials
It is not just but also for business owner, entrepreneurs, and executives. Insecurity, doubt, and subconscious fear impact every instance of our lives negatively - whether you are dealing with problems in your relationship, career, bad health or you are stuck in debts.

This program is for everyone who does not have the amount of success he wishes for in any aspect of his life.

If you ever had a hurtful experience in your life or have ever procrastinated or suffered failure - you will benefit from Winning the Game of Fear.

Benefits of emotional intelligence

While NeuroGym does not even mention emotional intelligence (EI) in their sales pitch this is in my view the most important fact about the Winning the Game of Fear Brain-A-Thon.

You learn how past events impact your future life. Every time we get "shocked" it causes disruption in our brain. You can imagine it as a database with a bad cluster. When we get a shock (any bad experience, anything hurtful), this data entry cannot be stored where it belongs and gets cluttered all over the place.

This disruption will hinder us from then on and is referred to by scientists as brain dissonance or neural dissonance.

In trying to protect us, our brain will warn us every time it is reminded on what once hurt us even the slightest little bit. We will react as if the same situation is happening again.

That is helpful when it comes to actual danger, for example the instinct to protect your skin from getting burnt.

That is not helpful when it comes to any emotional pain we once suffered, i.e.:

  • We failed at our career
  • We started a business that went down the drain
  • We got heart broken

And this is when what is known as the "law of attraction" kicks in. Even when attempting "thinking positive" the wrong way ("I will not fail again") it will likely lead to the opposite.

The benefit of emotional intelligence is to learn how to spot neural pattern that do us a disservice and how to form new neural patterns.

That is what Winning the Game of Fear teaches us.

Emotional Intelligence is the art of mastering your emotions, understanding the origin of fear, doubt, the feeling of guilt and overcoming them.

Read more here

How is this different from Winning the Game of Money?

While both are brain re-training systems, that help you to reach more success, Winning the Game of Money is more focused on your career success. It uses hypnosis and requires you to follow a set schedule for 90 days.

Having been through both programs, I would say that Winning the Game of Money is more intense. It uses brain wave patterns to manipulate the neuronal networks in your brain.


  • Evidence proven
  • Latest neuroscience
  • Includes leaders in brain science
  • Created with one of the leading neuroscientists of our time, Mark Waldman
  • All content is downloadable and yours to keep


  • Only available in English language
  • MP3 player, Video player needed (no physical products)
  • Problems with the support of NeuroGym
  • Too expensive compared to products with the same value

Final verdict

Winning the Game of Fear is a good program. The strongest part might be the sales presentation and the free webinar. A valuable and large part of the program is provided by Mark Waldman, a leading Neuroscientist.

However, in my opinion the Winning the Game of Money is stronger and contains the elements of Winning the Game of Fear.

My recommendation is that you check out both events to decide which one is the best for you.

Access to the webinar: HERE
Winning the Game of Money: HERE

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