Why LOA Does Not Work For You - Revisited

Today I was reminded of an old post of mine when I watched a fabulous series of videos by NeuroGym's John Assaraf.

Ah, sweet nostalgia. I wrote this in summer 2015 when I just started this blog. "Why the law of attraction is not working for you"

NeuroGym has created a series of four free videos of which the first has been released to the public today.

NeuroGym Winning the Game of Money Video Series

I had the pleasure to watch the videos and am thrilled to share them with you.

Not only do they contain the explanation why the law of attraction does not seem to work for you - they also provide a solution.

These videos contain more value than a lot of paid programs and I consider them a must watch.

You can watch them HERE

It's all about the brain

Certain areas of the brain influence whether you are going to achieve your goals or fail. The good thing is that neuroscience also offers us ways to unlock these hidden gates to our inner power.

The brain is able to produce hormones that make us withdraw, give up and fail. Brain regions like the fear center are very helpful when a bear is after you. They are counterproductive if we hunt a goal.

How can you change your brain to support you in achieving your goals rather than making it harder or even impossible?

Find out now. WATCH VIDEO