The truth about John Assaraf

Who is John Assaraf? Is John Assaraf Scam?

"Is John Assaraf Scam" "Is Neurogym a cult" "Is Brain-a-thon a fraud" "Is John Assaraf Mormon" - only to name a few of the questions brought to me.

As every successful person, John Assaraf is polarizing. Recently, I have received a lot of questions regarding him and his programs. Therefore, I have decided to put together a few facts about his career for you. Do not get too excited! I really do not know if he is a Mormon and in all honesty I do not really care.

John Assaraf Scam, John Assaraf Fraud, Winning the Game of Money, Winning the Game of Weight-loss
John Assaraf Scam, John Assaraf Fraud, Winning the Game of Money, Winning the Game of Weight-lossJohn Assaraf has established himself as a man of many hats. He has run multiple successful companies and discovered countless nuggets of wisdom in his studies of human nature. His main focus in life is helping other people unlock their hidden potential by successfully conquering their problems and setbacks.

John has made appearances on numerous shows with several hosts throughout the major networks, from Anderson Cooper and Ellen to CNN and Larry King Live. He was a part of, “The Secret,” the smash hit book and film, and he also associated with the Dalai Lama in the documentary, “Quest for Success.”
John Assaraf Scam, John Assaraf Fraud, Winning the Game of Money, Winning the Game of Weight-lossJohn holds several free Brain-A-Thon events every year throughout America, offering people a free way to improve their brains and their lives, not to mention his free online events. These events teach confidence training, problem solving and business success strategies.They will prove valuable to any business owner, entrepreneur - or anyone else who wants to earn a lot of money and retire young. John frequently travels the world, spreading the word of his discoveries and products to as many people as possible.

Boasting a long career that spans 25 years, John Assaraf has penned two New York Times Best Selling books and raised five highly successful businesses. His newest endeavor, PraxisNow, focuses on some of the most impressive brain training programs and products available on the market.His current programs:

These products have been employed by thousands of people throughout the entire world, and these people have discovered their hidden potential and taken the right steps toward business and personal success. These products have changed the lives of countless people and helped to build numerous businesses into the successful powerhouses that their founders envisioned.
These products and programs are 100% unique. These aren’t “get rich quick” schemes that never work and simply waste your money and effort, these are revolutionary techniques that can help any person achieve their dreams and reach financial security through the sheer power of their own potential.
John isn’t alone. He employs the help of countless doctors, guest speakers and research experts to help create lectures and programs that aid in helping people the world over achieve
their dreams. His lectures in particular span a variety of topics, from properly planning for success to erasing bad habits that could hurt any business.
These products are simply amazing. When it comes to brain training products that focus on promoting business success and eliminating negative business activity, few figures or companies have created products that even come close to the effectiveness that John has reached with his deeply studied, highly researched products, programs, tips and techniques.
These products help with a wide range of business issues, from dealing with the business itself to handling the important problems and struggles often faced by business owners. With the proper guide and the right tools, any business owner can use these programs to not only achieve, but even exceed, their dreams and goals.
What do you have to lose? Try these products today to unlock your maximum potential!