Ignore the Machine

Ignore the Machine

The multifunctional tool - the brain

Our brain is an incredible tool. So I've heard.


"A fool with a tool is still a fool."

Or in other words: Our brain is the most powerful tool .... a machine of endless possibilities. But you also have to know how to run the machine.

I don't know about you - I generally do not read instruction manuals.  Also, I don't know where I put it. Maybe I accidentally discarded it with the promotional letters?

So .. I have this wonderful machine in my head. But over and over again I am surprised that it's doing these weird things. Things I don't understand.

For instance, it thinks thoughts that somehow cannot be right. Or it produces worries that then come true. Thanks for that.

My brain produces opinions regarding matters I have no knowledge about whatsoever. Because I never looked at them in greater depth. And then I even talk about them. How embarrassing is that?

Often my brain tells me I need this or that really urgently even though these things do not make me happy.

Also, my brain often produces thoughts that are hostile towards myself and that are bugging me even though I am pretty ok.

After just one look, my brain might tell me a person is stupid and I don't like them. But I never got to know them.

My brain warns me about an insecure and dangerous plan. And all I want to do then is run. But my life was not in danger in any way or form.

Sometimes I think evolution did not think that through. The thing with the brain. I see some potential for improvement and I'd be happy to share my suggestions with evolution.

But maybe things would be different if I could be bothered to read the instruction manual sometime. I probably feed my brain all the wrong things. Too much wine - too few spinach?

If I am honest: I am not bad at all. My brain is pretty good at finding solutions to problems. Sometimes I feed the little peewee a problem with lots of details. And tell it what I want and what I don't want. And a lot of facts on top. When I wake up the next morning my brain often presents me with a solution.

I find that very impressing. Maybe my brain isn't that bad after all. Maybe sometimes it's just not used to capacity. I might have to throw problems at it more often to keep it busy. So that it cannot produce nonsense.

it's an idea.

Ok. Hooray to our brains - without a brain it would be stupid.

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