The Little Guy

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The fear of failure

You know that too, right? 
When we don´t try. Because we might fail. 
Not reality keeps us from doing it. 
Hey, who knows what´s reality and what´s perception anyway. 
The little guy in our head keeps us from doing it. 
You would like to talk to that person ... but the little guy starts to shiver. 
You don´t attend the advanced training because the little guy scares you. 
You don´t apply for the job ... the little guy talks you out of it. 
It´s always the same principal. It´s the little guy. 
The result: A lukewarm, secure often not very lively life. Maybe even boring. In the worst case a life you will regret one day when you´re old and look back. 
Often it´s a life where everyone besides you gets the good things in life. 
Because the others dared to ask. Because they at least tried. But ... the main point is that the little guy feels good. Or not?
  1. You want it
  2. You go for it
  3. You get it
Nope. If it would be easy like 1, 2, 3 we would just do it. It´s not always that easy. Success looks more like this: 
  1. You want it
  2. You try it, you fail, you learn. You grow. You try something else, fail again ... and learn even more. And so on and so forth. 
  3. You persevere with the whole "trying" until you get what you want.
The truly wonderful thing is. The more often you go through the cycle of try - fail - learn the shorter and less painful the cycle becomes. 
Because you get better and better. 
Because you are more experienced. 
Because you become a better judge. 
But that works only if you challenge yourself and leave your comfort zone from time to time. 
And if you knock the little guy over. 
And try something new. 
Because you say: "Dammit. I don´t know if I will succeed. And, yes, I am afraid. But I will find out if I can do it. I dare to try."
In my experience, we can do so much more than we give ourselves credit for. Who never tries anything risky will never find out what he is able to do. 
Because the fearful, coward, little guy is living inside of us. 
Maybe it´s time to take care of the little guy who keeps screwing up our lives. 
Instead of the picture, chosen with love, this post is bland. Because I knocked my little guy over big time and I am in the process of producing free training, a (half)digital product and new podcasts for you. So I am a bit short of time. Actually, I am a lot short of time. As often the little guy was right in essence and the challenge is to proof him wrong.