The Four Candles - Short Story

An Advent Story

Four candles were lit on the Advent wreath. It was so quiet that you could hear when the candles started to talk.

Advent Short Story

The first candle with a sigh of resignation said: "My name is Peace. My light shines, but the people do not keep the peace." Her light became smaller and smaller until it faded.

The second candle flickered and said: "My name is Belief. I am completely needless as the people are not interested in me anymore. There is no point in me burning. A draft of air blows through the room, and the candle was out.

Quietly and sad the third candle started to speak: "My name is Love. I do not have strength to burn anymore. The people ignore me. They only see themselves and not the others they are supposed to love." With a last flicker, this candle went out too.

A child entered the room. It looked at the candles and said: "Hey. You are supposed to burn." The child nearly started to cry.

It was then that the fourth candle started talking: "Don´t be afraid. As long as I shine we can lit the other candles again. My name is Hope." The child took a match and relights all of the other candles.