The Art of Self Conquest

I have the uttermost respect for people who leave their comfort zone for a higher goal. People who do things that are hard on them to reach this higher goal.

The Art of Self Conquest

As people, we make a choice.

We can say: I am who I am, and I do not change for anything or anyone. I do not want to change. I have my limits, and they decide about my destiny.

With this way of thinking, you will often feel like the victim of circumstances. Because there is nothing we can do.

This type of people would often use expressions like: "It is what it is." or "What can you do."

Or we believe: I can grow as a person. I can upgrade my skill-set and evolve. Limits do not hold me back. They exist so that I can overcome them, even though that can be exhausting and challenging at times.

Do you feel the power in the second option? With this way of thinking you are not a victim. Who thinks like that takes charge of his life and designs his world.

We can overcome our limits. For that, we have to overcome ourselves as most of the limits reside within us.

Our limits hide in our fear, our prejudice, our habits. And that is where we can start and make a positive change.

That sounds a bit strenuous. Sadly, it is. It´s not easy to conquer oneself. If it would be easy everyone would do it.

But it is worth it! The rewards include pride, self-confidence, and confident expectations as well as the feeling of being in control of your life.

What is self-conquest?

For instance, it means to recognize your fears, question them, confront them and act even though you are afraid. For the higher goal.

How often do we say: "I would love to ... but I am afraid that ..."

How often do we accept sub-optimal situations because we are afraid of the uncertainty that change brings? We lock ourselves into a cage. The struts of the cage consist of fear. Fear of the unknown and uncertain, fear of failure and fear of what others might say about us.

Just imagine for a second you would not perceive fear as an insurmountable obstacle? What if you approach your fears carefully...get to know them, flirt with them. And finally jump over the hurdle.

What would be possible?