Success Is Learned Through Failure

Success is not a matter of coincidence, luck, or misfortune. Success is learnable. And every setback, every mistake, every failure can be an important step on your road to success.

Being Successful (Mis)Step after (Mis)Step

  • Sources of inspiration
  • 3 Steps to success
Be always prepared to fail. Or better: to fall. To fall forward.

Finding sources of inspiration/motivation

We are always on the hunt for new sources of motivation and inspiration.No matter if it's the philosophy of life of someone we look up to, a shared Facebook picture, a coaching program or book – or even graffiti on a wall. You are surrounded by motivating and inspiring thoughts. You just have to accept them and make them part of your life and daily routine.

Jerry Seinfeld once said that the biggest fear of people is public speaking. Followed by the fear of death. Therefore, people would prefer lying in the coffin to doing the graveside speech.
The secret to success is to accept that you will make mistakes. Even the worst mistakes help you to move forward. They are a valuable source of wisdom.
Mistakes should not be condemned, but we should accept them and integrate them into our lives and careers.

Three Steps to Success

Step One
Every step is important. “Smart steps” have to be carefully planned. It is not about reaching the goal with one step. Smart steps are steps that do not lead directly to the goal, but secure the road ahead.
Considering the possibility of failure and not using up all available resources are characteristics of a smart step.
In other words: A “smart step” is a well-planned step that also considers potential problem and solution scenarios.
Step Two
Being objective. Take a step back and analyze your progress and missteps. What can you learn from that situation? Can you derive a formula from it?If necessary, introduce changes to the original plan.

Step Three
Processing what you have learned. The process of trying, analyzing and integrating is the basis of many successful careers. What is essential is to never give up. Successful people do not necessarily make fewer mistakes or suffer fewer losses. A successful person never loses their enthusiasm and most importantly, perseverance.

Passionate Perseverance is the Key
Failure can cost plenty of nerves and money. Still, you have to be prepared to repeat the process of trying, analyzing and integrating as many times as it takes until you are satisfied with the result.
Well-planned failure is indeed an effective recipe for success. Failure is an important step to self-realization and success.Success in two words? DO IT.