Setting Goals Or Drifting Along?

Why not just go with the flow? 

Setting Goals or Drifting Along
Studies show: when we are setting goals we get more of what we want in life. And it seems that pursuing goals not only makes us more successful but also happier.

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Being goal oriented has many advantages. One can work towards something that gives our life meaning and direction.

When we reach our goals we feel successful and that makes us happy - for a while.

The downside of setting goals

A disadvantage of goal setting is the constant feeling of imperfection. Incompleteness. And the feeling to rush through life without being able to enjoy the ride.

The best way to live is in the Now, right?

Overcoming the dilemma

You can do both you can be goal oriented and let yourself drift. Everything in good time.

You can try to live less in the future and more in the Now. A good way of bringing our goals more into the Now is to divide them into micro steps, allowing us to focus on the sub goals for the day - without losing track of the big picture.

The Goals Guy

Examine your goals closely and make sure your set realistic demands for yourself.

Having goals is something good that helps us advance in life.

Ask yourself:

  • Is now the time for setting goals or drifting along?
  • How can I divide my goal into micro steps to fetch them into the Now?
  • How realistic is my goal?
  • How much time will it take to reach that goal?
Read more about setting the right goals HERE and take advantage of this free  Goal Setting Manifesto.

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