Find out your Influence Conversion Rate with this 3-question test

Are you at risk of burnout?

Are you at risk of burnout? The burnout syndrome can best be compared to the feeling of total emptiness. People affected are completely exhausted; physically, mentally and emotionally. Furthermore, the performance decreases.This test indicates if you are at risk or already suffering from burnout syndrome. Please note: This test cannot and does not attempt to replace a diagnosis by an expert. Your test is based on BSI (Burnout Screening Inventory by Dr. F. Jaggi).

Empathy Knowledge Quiz

Test your knowledge about empathy in this 2-minute quick test. Have you fallen victim to the most common misconceptions?

Test your memory with this fun quiz

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Do you love yourself?

Only if we love ourselves, we can love others and accept love.

Positive thinking test

A simple and easy quick=test tells you how positive you are.