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Mary Morrissey´s The Dreambuilder Review Live/Product

The Dreambuilder is available in two versions: A live event and a product you can use out of the comfort of your home. Also available are free tools that you can access below. 
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Let´s have a look at the Live Event first: 
The DreamBilder Review Mary Morrissey

Life Mastery Insitute Review The Dreambuilder LIVE

Are You Ready To Change Your Life?

Like most people, you are probably living every day with a “someday” attitude. “Someday” I’ll work on my visions and dreams. Our dreams are way too important to be put on hold until “someday”. Now is the time to start contributing to your dreams and make a change! The live Dreambuilder event claims to help you do just that.

What is Dreambuilder Live?

Dreambuilder Live is a 3-day experience with the world’s leading teacher of dream-building, Mary Morrissey. In this dream-nurturing environment, you will be away from your daily life and able to align your frequency to create a vision and the kind of life you dream of living.
You will find your true purpose and move onto a path to deep meaning and fulfillment. Some of the greatest thinkers and inventors knew the secrets and used them successfully. They knew that to improve your life, you had to access these principles and Universal Laws.
Mary Morrissey will guide you to open doors you never knew existed and give you the necessary tools to build your dreams.
This 3-day live event is attended by business owners, physicians, entrepreneurs, coaches, medical professionals, authors, inventors, artist and more. They are all gathered in this nurturing environment to help support the materialization of your vision.

Agenda For Dreambuilder Live

Day 1
We all live our lives by default or design. It’s time to start designing. You will be guided through a success blueprint for life in the areas of Relationships, Career, Health and Time/Money/Freedom.
You will learn:
  • A test to determine if the dream you have right now is truly your innermost dream.
  • Get clear on what you really want.
  • Questions to ask that will unlock momentum, speed, and confidence.
Day 2
After you have created a blueprint, you will bridge the gap between where you are now to that outcome.
You will discover:
  • How to stop feeling insecure, unprepared and unworthy for your dreams.
  • How to get rid of the feelings and thoughts that are sabotaging your results, and helps you re-focus your thoughts on your inspiration.
  • Find out what you are attracting right now, and learn how to draw the things and people that will assist you to move forward, instead of holding you back. 
  • That one feeling that you absolutely must have if you ever want to make more money and live abundantly.
Day 3
Now you have your dream blueprinted and the spaces in your mindset bridged. It’s now time to start building that dream of yours.
You will learn how to:
  • Attract circumstances, situations and ideas that will enable you to build your dream.
  • Use your energy to create the life you dream of with less work. 
  • Create actionable plans to make faster, more consistent progress.
  • Access the opportunities and ideas that will move you and your dream forward.

How Much Does It Cost And Where Is It Held?

This event usually costs $1495 for the general public. However, for a limited time they are reducing the price by 75% to $289. That’s a pretty major discount. But, remember, this special pricing is only for a limited time. Order HERE

The next Dreambuilder Live Event is held on 

October 23rd through October 25th at the Renaissance Baltimore Harborplace Hotel. 
Registration begins at 5:00 pm on October 22nd in Baltimore, Maryland


  • Direct access to the coach
  • Best return on time. Intensive, compact coaching
  • Inexpensive
  • Ability to mingle with like-minded people and grow your network
  • Delivers on the claim. Raving reviews by both, industry experts and change-makers


  • Only in Baltimore, Maryland
  • Limited number of spots available
  • No money-back guarantee


The Dreambuilder Live event is for anyone who is wanting to live their dream and stop putting it off until “someday”. We all know that someday rarely happens. It’s time to start building your dream and this is an amazing event to teach you how to do it. Starting with the blueprint, all the way through to building your dream, you will experience an amazing transformation and connect with like-minded people who want to see you succeed.

In all honesty, I really had a hard time to think of "negatives". Meeting Mary in person is an intense experience and you can achieve greatness in these few days.

It is the fastest way to get out of self-sabotage.

One Star deducted because it should be a tour and not limited to one city. A clear 9/10.

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If you cannot make it to the live event, click on one of the other fabulous options: 
REPLAY OF A PAST WEBINAR (with buying option)