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Dr. Mark Goulston

Dr. Mark Goulston, aka “The People Hacker” is a world-renown thought leader and the no. 1 listening-skills expert.

He also trained FBI and police hostage negotiators. He has since expanded his work to “Hacking Genius” and speaks and teaches internationally.

His company, The Goulston Group, is hired by Founders, CEO's and Boards of Directors to help them create a “gotta have it.” response to their services and products.

Aurorasa Sima

Aurorasa Sima is an Emotional Intelligence Trainer, certified Marshall Goldsmith Leadership Coach and Executive Coach.

She supports the Goulston Group as an emotional intelligence specialist and partners  with Mike Bosworth Leadership.

Aurorasa has worked extensively in both enterprise and personal venues. Raised and educated in Frankfurt, Germany, she brings an international perspective, heart, and pragmatism to interactions.