Play the Rejection Game

Can you use suffer rejection and its humiliating feelings to achieve personal growth?  If fear of rejection (or success) is holding you back, the Rejection Game might be helpful.

Hunting Rejection

I get out of my car and walk to the USPS office when I see her in front of a Mexican restaurant.

She is attractive, middle-aged, and holds something in her hand that I want: A box with deliciously smelling Jalapeño poppers.

Sadly, I did not even bring my purse. I just wanted to pick up a parcel quickly. What to do?
Normally, I would be a little mad at myself and promise not to go out again without my purse.But I started to play a new game a few weeks ago. Today is not “normally”. That is why I look the woman in the eye and ask her if I can have a popper. Her name is Susan and I get three poppers.

And I lose the game.One does not do that!

Have you ever been in a situation where you would have liked to ask for something, and you did not? Because one does not do that. Moreover, there is a good chance the answer will be “no”.

The rejection game

Proactive search for the possibility of being rejected. Who gets rejected wins the game of the day.

The rules of the rejection game are simple:

  • Do something that you normally would not do. For instance, ask someone for something. If he rejects you, you won.
  • Or do something that you would normally not do. Loud singing in public, yoga while waiting in line at the grocery store. If someone calls the cops, you win. Just kidding…
You are victorious when you leave your comfort zone at least once per day by doing something “one does not do”.
Rejection game is not for the weak, and it is only for you if you can handle rejection or are willing to learn.
Advanced players hunt for rejection in public. (Congratulations…at that level of the game you would do well in Sales).

Rejection is good for you

Nobody likes to hear “no”. It feels awkward to get rejected. That is why we rarely ask for something, we expect the answer to be “no”.
But what happens if you hunt rejection proactively?
For one, we enlarge our comfort zone every single day. Parallel to our comfort zone, our self-esteem will grow as well.
At first, the feeling of being rejected might be painful for you.Although the possibility of playing it like a game gives it a playful touch, and you can tell yourself: It's not terrible that I did not get what I asked for. I proved to myself that I dared to do something uncomfortable. I won the game of the day.

The playful aspect about it also protects us from hurt. We take rejection less personal when it's a game.

The Game where you Win if you Lose

And if you happen to lose the rejection game on one or more days, it's great. Because it means you have received something you normally would not even have asked for.
Just imagine, what else is there you can have that you just did not go after. You just never asked for it.
The message for your feeling of self-worth is: I am worthy of great things.

Psychology of Rejection Game

From a psychological standpoint, this is behavioral therapy to gain confidence and become braver. Proactively hunting rejection turns a negative into a positive.
You get over and done with “the worst” playfully.
It is helpful if some friends or acquaintances join in and play the game with you.
  • Who dares to go first?
  • Who gains unexpected things?

Rejection Game Reversed

When somebody asks you for something, you can play the rejection game reversed. Will you grant your “opponent” a win and say “no”?
The rejection game is a great and playful opportunity for personal growth. You will be successful either way: you win the game – or you gain what you asked for.

Hang in there!

You will see the greatest return if you play the game for a longer period of time.
The law of behavioral change: Do something new for at least 21 days in a row so that it becomes “normal” and automatic.

The Universe is full of Abundance

What would you like to do? The Universe is full of things available to you, and all you have to do is ask.
If you are willing to try this experiment – start today. You have nothing to lose and much to gain.
The Universe is full of Abundance!
Do you dare?
To sweeten the deal, I have a “cheat sheet” for you right HERE