My Morning Mentor Review, Mary Morrissey

My Morning Mentor - Another LOA Scam?

Review of My Morning Mentor

My review of Mary Morrissey´s "My Morning Mentor", Life Mastery Institute reflects my experience with the second product I purchased from Mary. Without my positive experience with The DreamBuilder, I would likely not have bothered with My Morning Mentor. Read why.

What is My Morning Mentor good for?

My Morning Mentor Review, Mary Morrissey
We all have different passions and aspirations and are unique in our own special ways, but there is one universal goal that we all strive for: Success. Everyone wants to be successful, and in the ideal world, we all would be. But the fact is that only a few people are deserving of the "successful" moniker.

Why? Because successful people are exceptionally skilled? While that's true to some extent, it is my belief that we all are good at things we are passionate about, and being talented alone does not mean success. It cannot be blamed on luck either since "luck" is just your perception of your reality. 

No, it is rather a combination of attitude, determination, and approach that successful people share. Sure, successful people can be found across a variety of industries, and the definition of success changes from person to person, but certain traits can be found in those who are successful. These can be trained.

Repetition and constant training of the brain are necessary always. Successful people know and live that.

"The winner is the one who is willing to get out on the field and play the game."
Vince Lombardi

Click on the picture to read my article about the attitude that creates success:

What are your dreams?

To some, financial security means success. To others, wealth isn't correlated to success. In any case, successful people, however different their definitions of success and their aspirations may be, they all do go through the same hoops and do so in a very particular way.

Learning from successful people can help you to repeat the patterns, methods and thought processes that made them successful. Success can come to anybody; they just have to do the right things at the right time.

Mary Morrissey put over 30 years of success coaching into  "My Morning Mentor" to allow us to do what she did to become this huge success. Mary Morrissey is a very successful woman. 

Mary Morrissey is a famous speaker, bestselling author, and consultant, and has helped many to achieve their goals and aspirations. Her Psychology degree has helped her to keenly observe and compare the common traits of successful people, and over the years, she has been applying this information into helping others to get successful.

Go HERE to learn more about Mary and The Life Mastery Institute. 

What is My Morning Mentor?

5 Universal Laws

Most likely you now the 5 Universal Laws. Did you successfully apply them? The thing with success coaching and self-development programs is that a lot of them are good, but...
Here is an example: I admit that I was not fond of "The Secret" (both book and movie) anyway when it came out.  Now, looking back I have an argument. Of the millions who read the book or watched the movie, I am sure you know at least 10 people of the top of your head who read it. Have they been able to transform? How many of the were actually able to apply the new beliefs?

Does the Law of Attraction not work? Did all of the millions of people not take action?

A lot of good books, coaches and programs are facing the problem that while what they say is good and true they cannot deliver the missing the link that enables people to transform and create lasting success for themselves. But that is what people are looking for when they buy success programs or hire a life coach. Right?
My Morning Mentor successfully teaches you how to APPLY the Universal Laws. Have a look at one of the many videos you receive as part of the Free Edition to see what I mean: 

Brain Retraining

My Morning Mentor is a 90-day program. To retrain your brain and successfully implement new beliefs until they become habits, you need 80-90 days. While Mary Morrissey never even mentions this feature of her program is it backed up by neuroscience.

Over the course of three months, you will receive daily videos that will allow you to transform your life.

Daily Affirmations

Both the Free and Full Version of My Morning Mentor supports you with daily, effective affirmations, stories, and inspiration. Just like me you will soon come to love your daily email. The emails are not salesy in any way. Mary convinces with profound knowledge instead. 

In addition to the aforementioned tools, you receive a collection of analogies, tips, and observations of successful people.

Is My Morning Mentor Scam

Pro´s and Con´s 

I was thinking for a few minutes now about the con´s. After all, a review has to be genuine and truthful about both, the good and the bad.

I would feel silly making up "con´s". I did not find any. If you find anything negative about the program let me know. I did not see it.

  • Superior program 
  • 30 years of successful entrepreneurial and coaching experience put into a compact program
  • Does not just tell you about the Universal Laws but enables you to apply them
  • Discount price (less than a dollar per day)
  • More components delivered than you sign up for
  • Fast and competent presale and after sale support
  • No annoying salesy Emails
  • Fits into even the busiest schedule
  • 30 day money-back guarantee
  • Payment plan available for this already inexpensive product
  • A program for everyone - from CEO to multitasking mum; from Sales Manager to someone in-between jobs

Final Verdict - Yay or Nay

Normally, I would not bother to review a program as inexpensive as this. Most of the time, you get what you pay for. Not in this case. 

I have used and investigated many, many similar programs. While a few are good, they are really expensive. Many others are too bad to even consider. The free version of My Morning Mentor alone delivers more benefit and value than a lot of expensive programs. 

The compact form makes this program a tool that fits in even the busiest of lives. No matter if you are looking to seriously transform your life or are just looking for some daily positivity and inspiration. Mary Morrissey will not let you down. 

In my opinion, the low price makes this a no-brainer. And who wants to try it first can sign up for the free version. 

Clearly YAY

Will you sign up for the free or the full version? Access to both HERE

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