Mind Movies Matrix Review 2016

Should you buy Matrix?

I was excited to check out Mind Movies latest release of Matrix because it is speaking about two things you always hear me talking about too: Emotional Intelligence and Neuroscience.

Now, we all know that many products that talk about something do not deliver.

Mind Movies Matrix

So here is my evaluation of Mind Movies Matrix:

What is Natalie Ledwell´s Matrix?

Mind Movies is on the market for a few years now, and this is the 3rd annual release of Matrix. It´s a transformation program.

Matrix is a multi-sensory success system and comes with a combination of coaching calls, audio, video and sleep meditation audio.

Morry Zelcovitch Mind Movies MatrixWhat is new in the 2016 launch is that Morry Zelcovitch, an expert in brain entrainment has worked with Mind Movies on this product. For two years he helped create this latest, very advanced version of Mind Movies. Morry also has collaborated with the Brazilian military to train officers to achieve peak performance. Brainwave entrainment utilizes alpha, theta and delta waves and is a sound technology that is also used in Winning the Game of Money.

The claim is that the technology puts your brain on "autopilot" for success.

The goal is to help you to get rid of any blockages that result from past hurt and negative experience.

What exactly is included in Matrix?

  • Four new Matrix Mind Movies including brainwave entrainment
    - Money
    - Weightloss
    - Relationships
    - Perfect Partner
  • Four subliminal Matrix Mind Movies without brainwave entrainment
  • Four subliminal success audios (also Money, Weight loss, Relationships, Perfect Partner)
  • Sleep Meditation Audio and AS OF TODAY (subject to change)
  • Bonus: Mind Mastery Success Summit recording (with Bob Procter, John Assaraf, Bob Doyle, Nick Ortner and others)
  • Access to Natalie's personal blog where you can ask her questions
  • Weekly recording of coaching calls with success guru
Mind Movies Matrix Contents

Pro´s and Con´s

  • Leading edge technology
  • Excessive amount of quality content
  • Many happy clients report that this program is effective
  • Excellent(!) support that replies in record time
  • The program does not take a lot of time - you might even save time by working more focused
  • Inexpensive, flexible payment options
  • 60-day unconditional money-back guarantee
  • Recorded coaching sessions are not as strong as personal coaching
  • Product is only virtual (no paper or discs)
  • Results do not come as easy as promised

How to buy Matrix

As mentioned earlier, the full program is inexpensive. 6 payments á $ 65 for achieving better results in life is a steal really. Multiple payment methods are possible.
The checkout is Norton secured. Mind Movies has a BBB accreditation.
I suggest you start with the free quiz before you make your final decisions (you can also buy from there).

Final Verdict

From my personal experience as a coach (and also as a person) the problem is not how good a product is but how good it is at motivating you long-term to use it. So this is what I am judging here.

You might buy the best treadmill in the world or the worst. Your success will depend on how often you are going to use it.

Many personal development programs have awesome sales pitches and after watching their sales webinar, all you want to scream is: YES, TAKE ME ON THE TRIP, IT ALL MAKES SENSE!

But then they fail at guiding you through the process of transforming. Think of "The Secret" (movie or audio). While especially the movie might be overly simplified, the message and teachings are correct. So why is not everyone who watched the movie and was sold on it a millionaire today? You guessed it.

Just like with learning a new language for most it´s not enough to read a language book if the teacher is not okay.

For a) the quality of the material and b) the ability to help you see it through I rate this program a 9/10

If I had to say if the program appeals more to women or men I would have to say: women. For men I recommend to also check out NeuroGym (see below). Please note that I was speculating to whom it will appeal more. It works for both genders alike.


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