Mary Morrissey Review - The DreamBuilder

Review of The DreamBuilder Program

Review of The DreamBuilder by Mary MorrisseyThe DreamBuilder by Marry Morrissey's Life Mastery Academy is a 90-day (120) system for professionals who want to dissolve success-blockers and make the life of their dreams their reality and status quo.

That sounds similar to what other programs claim. Can this one deliver?

DreamBuilder comes in two versions.

  • A live event
  • A program

This review is for the program. Please find the review of the live event HERE

The DreamBuilder - Life Mastery Institute Review

Life Mastery Review Mary Morrissey

Mary Morrissey is a spiritual life coach with over 40 years of professional experience. To learn more about Mary and her accolades, please read HERE
While her accolades are impressive (best-selling author, raving reviews and much more) they are not important for this review.

What matters right now is: Will this program enable YOU to transform YOUR life?

What is Mary Morrissey's DreamBuilder System?

It is a proven system to enable you to jumpstart the results you want to see.

While a lot of programs claim to teach you how to use the Universal Laws to your advantage, most of them fail at delivering the desired transformation. Many people nod and agree, but they do not seem to be able to apply it to their lives. Maybe you have been through a few programs yourself that you found motivating - but they did not have a major impact on your life. Is this your fault? Oh, no. It just probably was not a great system. 

Actually, it is a big problem of success and life coaching programs. Often, what coaches say is good and true. What they recommend you should do is correct. But converting the tools that enable others to implement the necessary changes into a product requires a different skill-set.

Also, a lot of rather shallow movies and programs led many to believe they can sit on their sofa, dream of a Ferrari and the next day it will be parked in front of their door. The Universe does not operate like a wishlist on a shopping site.

Mary´s approach is refreshingly different. She offers a structured approach that will work for beginners and advanced alike. It is a step-by-step system that is based on 40 years of learning and coaching. 

While the quality of success and life coaching programs differs, they have one thing in common: All of them have positive testimonials. What I noticed is that Mary Morrissey received a lot of sincere and raving reviews from other industry leaders. Bob Proctor, John Assaraf, Lisa Sasevich (Sales Coaching) and many, many more. You will be able to read the positive reviews and comments of real people once you are part of Mary´s private Facebook Group that unites the participants of this program. 
Mary Morrissey Review
Before I elaborate on pro´s and con´s and the outline and deliverables of the program, please feel free to check out what Mary is about. When it comes to life and success coaching it is crucial that you "click" with the person and that you trust them.

The video is part of the series of videos you will receive if you order your free DreamBuilder Kit - which you can do HERE

How does Marys DreamBuilder work?

Neuroscientists have discovered that it takes 80-90 days until you can successfully implement new habits. Therefore, to successfully apply the new beliefs that enable you to transform your life, a program should span over at least 80 days.

Mary´s program is a 90-day system that delivers additional support tools for another 30 days. What makes the program different from many others is how well it is structured.

Here is a brief outline of what you will learn in the 12 weeks:

Week 1 - Dream Building Principle
You are taking the first steps to realigning your mindset for success. Before you can realize your dreams you need to dare to dream. And you need to believe that you are worth it. 
Week 2 - Building Your Dream
You learn to define what it is you really want - independent of your current circumstances.
Week 3 - Fault-Proof Your Dream
Do you dream big enough? In week 3 you will double-check that your dream is worthy of you (not the other way around.)
Week 4 - The Power Of Perception
You learn how to dissolve limiting beliefs from your thoughts altogether.
Week 5 - Increasing Your Feeling Of Self-Worth
In week 5 you learn how to create the magnetic fields that allow you to receive exactly what you are longing for. Most people are not aware that they carry self-limiting beliefs. These will be identified and eliminated in week 5. 
Week 6 - Environment Empowerment
You chose the right dream. It scares you. And it should. A goal that would not scare you, would not be worth achieving. Week 6 teaches you how to handle fear and doubt that are inevitable in the process of transformation. 
Week 7 - Overcoming Obstacles
You learn how to close the gap between your current reality and the life that will become your reality. 
Week 8 - Creating Abundance
You will align with the universe using the law of receiving. Consequently, you start to experience and attract people, ideas, circumstances and resources that serve your dream and goal. 
Week 9 - Expansion
More often than anything else, painful experiences from the past make us sabotage our future success (Emotional Intelligence). You learn how to master and eliminate those demons of the past. 
Week 10 - The Land Of Solutions
You learn a 5-step process that will allow you to change your conditions through your thinking.

Week 11 - Overcoming Failure
The road to success is not just plastered with roses. What we call "failure" is actually feedback and valuable information. You learn how to implement this way of thinking fearlessly into your life.

Week 12 - Sustaining Success
To manifest abundance that goes beyond material wealth is the last step of this program. 

What is included in The DreamBuilder?

You will receive:

  • A guide book that is yours to keep
  • Private Membership area with audio lessons for 12 weeks (downloadable)
  • Additional audio for 3 weeks
  • Weekly Live Coaching calls with Mary
  • A ticket for DreamBuilder Live, a 2-day networking and growth event
  • VIP support
  • 30-day money back guarantee
  • Access to Mary´s private Facebook group

The Good

  • Methodical approach
  • Real people, real results
  • Works for career success as well as for personal success - even weight loss
  • Appraised by industry leaders
  • Very inexpensive (programs with similar deliverables cost 1k and up)
  • Mary does not just make money with teaching her wisdom - she actually created million dollar companies applying it
  • Extensive and successful coaching experience make this a better product
  • Live coaching and Q&A sessions multiply the benefits
  • Very active Facebook Group delivers additional support and valuable information as well as networking opportunites with likeminded people
  • Value of the free tickets to DreamBuilder LIVE exceeds the cost of the program

The Bad

  • Mary is a very spiritual person. I believe religion and success coaching should be separate. That said, Mary does not preach but teach so that it is not really a "con"
  • All audio, video and eBooks only available in English
  • No CD´s or printed books provided (downloadable content)
  • New courses every week (you could not get to the full program right away)

Final Verdict

Supposed you like Mary (people learn from people) this system will enable you to transform and shape your life any way you want.

This program is the real deal. Mary must be one of the most knowledgable persons I have ever met. Mary is tough and warm-hearted at the same time, making this program approachable and attractive for everyone - from CEO to Sales Manager, Yoga Teacher or Stay-At-Home Mom.

The systematic, well-structured approach differentiates The DreamBuilder from most other products on the market. The price of less than 500$ makes this a no-brainer.

The DreamBuilder delivers to the claim.

Where to buy The DreamBuilder

I recommend that you reserve your spot in the free webinar HERE.
If you cannot wait and want to order right away you can do so below this webinar replay HERE

Last but by far not least: Check out Mary´s My Morning Mentor too