Mary Morrissey The Dream Builder 2015 Review

The DreamBuilder 2015 Review Marry MorrisseyFor the launch of the 2015 version of The DreamBuilder Webcast, Mary has added some gifts and further enhanced the product. Four experts are joining Mary.

The DreamBuilder 2015 will premiere on November 14th.

For those of you who are new readers of my blog (Welcome, Welcome!) and those who do not know the fabulous Mary Morrissey yet:

Mary´s mission is to help you live a life full of abundance, joy and happiness. Her knowledge and teaching skills are said to be unmatched. She is no stranger to failure and huge success and has helped many thousands of people achieve their goals.

But is the new version of The DreamBuilder worth your time?

I will give you one important piece of information right away and leave the conclusion up to you: Not just I consider Mary Morrissey an extraordinary teacher. Coaches who recommend DreamBuilder 2015 include:

Bob Proctor, Mind Movies, Sonia Ricotti, Eben Pagan, Bill Harris, Tapping Solution, Learning Strategies, Evolving Wisdom, Jennifer McLean, Bob Doyle, Ted McGrath, Karl Moore, Chris Cade, Joe Rubino, Stanley Dawejko jr, Carol Allen, Christopher Westra, Shun Jian, Richard Paylor, Michael Webb, Ric Thompson, Riley Dayne (The Abundance Factor) John Eggen, Abundant Mind, Graham Dragon, Liem Nguyen, Olga Geistfeld, Tim Pond ... and many more

Interesting, isn't it?

The DreamBuilder 2015 Review, Mary Morrissey

I will focus on the features of this year's launch as I have already posted a detailed review and other info that you can find here: 
  • The details of the 9-week program can be found HERE
  • Find out about the next LIVE DreamBuilder HERE
  • Do you want to learn more about Mary? Please click HERE
Besides adding even more content to the product, Mary also added even more goodies. This year in addition to the free DreamBuilder Kit Mary has provided 3 brand new videos. 
The first video is teaching us about two powerful signals the Universe is sending - that we might not see. Mary shares how we can detect and then take action on those otherwise "secret" signals. 
My "aha-moment" was when Mary in that video shared the one powerful question that supercharges your ability to connect with your Higher Self. And identify your life´s purpose. 
Click on the picture below to grab the first Video right now: 
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From what I have seen I can tell you that much: You do not want to miss the next two videos. 

Speakers for The DreamBuilder 2015 are: 

The DreamBuilder Speaker
If you would like to sign up to my newsletter I can make sure that you do not miss out on the premiere event. The registration is not open yet and spaces will be limited.  BUT if you click on the picture right now it will lead you to 10 free videos (;

Final Verdict

Any form of coaching is human to human. At the end of the day, it depends on your chemistry with a person if they can help you grow. You might have heard something several times, but it does not have a meaning until someone else tells you. 
I am 120 % sold on Mary. Her hard skills, her knowledge, system, and technique are flawless. The deliverables, both of the full program and the free goodies, are way ahead of the "competition". 
That is fact. 
Another fact is that the single most important factor of if you can benefit from a program is: Do YOU like the coach. If you do not like them you will make up rational reasons against the program. 
I for one love Mary. In another post, I worded it like this: Mary is like a firm handshake. And that stands for the following soft skills: Integrity, Authenticity, Vulnerability, Honesty, Strengths, Energy. Accountability. 
See for yourself and grab your free video now:

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