Killing time around Christmas

Time is all we have

"Time is a game played beautifully by children." Heraclitus

Procrastination around ChristmasGerman author Erich Kastner said: Remember the 5th commandment, don´t kill your time.

Wait, that doesn't sound right. It should say: "Thou shalt not kill". Is this rewording just a catchy phrase or is a deeper meaning hidden behind it?

In the end of the day, time is all we have left before we die. Lifetime. Killing time is like killing a little bit of yourself.

I am probably guilty of some killing of time myself. I love the picture above this line. It looks so fragile and precious and is a great metaphor for the lifetime we have to spend.

Killing time is when you do things that do not really have a meaning. No significance. Binge watching a poorly made crime show for instance.

Couldn´t  we use our time better? Maybe go to college? Helping a good cause?

Killing time is also if you are not in the Now. If your thoughts wander around in the future and you make your actions contingent of future development you are putting off the real life. Like better weather, having more time, money and so on and so forth.

Until then we stay in a relationship that is not working or a job we hate. Or we do not take the steps necessary to get closer to our goals.

There is nothing wrong with enjoying a computer game (guilty!) or a show on tv from time to time. But only if you enjoy it with your full presence and if you stay aware that you are living Now.

Procrastination around Christmas

December is the time of the year where people tend to put off things and procrastinate the most. "I´ll do that next year." "Only one week until Christmas."

If you think about it: deduct the public holidays and you end up with as many working days as in February. So why would we be less productive in Christmas? A time to relax? A needed break?

Putting things off is not relaxing. Again, make sure that you use your lifetime wisely and enjoy what you are doing (or not doing) with every cell of your body in the Here and Now.

Some Christmas procrastinators tell themselves "after new year´s eve I will do things differently". If you live in the Now you will never find a need for new year´s resolutions.

It´s 5 to Christmas and you have already received your present from the Universe: The gift of life. Lifetime.