Interview with Dr. Mark Goulston - Unconditional

You will hear more from me about the incredible Dr. Mark Goulston.

Today, I had an interview with him that I consider so valuable that I want to share the goodness with you right away.


Interview with Dr. Mark Goulston - Unconditional

Podcast Episode with Dr. Mark Goulston

This week's episode is crowned by the incredible Dr. Mark Goulston.

Be prepared: He will tickle your brain and touch your heart.

He will share stories that will make most people want to act on the nuggets of wisdom and implement them into their lives.

As a best-selling author, business consultant, psychiatrist, social skills expert, his mission is: Helping the world heal - one conversation at a time.

In this 1 hour episode, we speak about
- Why people are angry and how to deal with them
- Dealing with pain and managing your own hurt
- An unexpected client
- Why he receives letters from inmates
and much more.

As valuable are the topics we did not speak about but that Mark displayed during this interview:
- True vulnerability
- The power of gratitude
- Depression & Co are nothing to be ashamed of

Mark is a contributor to so many publications from Harvard Business Review, Business Insider, Huffington Post, Psychology Today to Fast Company that it would be difficult to list them all.

He has appeared on CNN, The Phil Donahue Show, The Today Show and Oprah.
After listening to this, you will probably want to learn more about and from Dr. Mark Goulston.

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