I Wished I Had More Willpower

Would my life be better if I had more willpower? What could I achieve in life? What would I see through and master? Which of my dreams would come true?

Willpower and Self-Discipline

The thing about willpower and self-discipline is: most people wished they had more of both. Our life would probably be easier then.
My willpower mind map:
It´s proven by science:
People with a healthy amount of self-discipline are happier and more successful in life.
We might wish it was different but it is not. (;
People with self-discipline are more able to build the kind of life they want. They are more likely to achieve what they set their mind on.
They chose the long-term reward over the short-term reward (i. e. watching a movie).
If we are able to combine self-discipline, motivation, and willpower we are able to provide a better quality of life for ourselves.
That is why it makes sense to spend some time on the topic. Maybe even focus on training our own discipline, willpower, and ability to deliver.
And it is possible.
It is not about being perfect. We all are humans. It´s about striving to be a better you today than you were yesterday.

Willpower Training

Throughout this blog, you will find a lot of articles that will help you train those hard soft skills.
Some books that we read or presentations we listen to might give us the impression we just have to sit on our couch and have some positive thoughts and the law of attraction will provide us with the car we dreamed about.
I am a firm believer in the Universal Laws. And that you have to make yourself available and take action for the Universe´s gifts to you.
We all have good days and bad days. What makes the difference is the number of bad days we allow for ourselves and our ability to bounce back. Willpower is what carries us through those bad days.
The long-term rewards are abundance and true happiness.
A simple trick to increase your willpower is: For seven days define 3-5 daily tasks you feel uncomfortable with. Write them down and get them done. It feels great.
The best time to do that is right now (;