How To Make More Money (Realist Version)

Making more money is simple

Money is the green we all are following. It buys us freedom, health, beautiful things, and a comfortable life. While not everything you can do to help others has a price tag, even helping others can become easier when you´re financially comfortable.
Those green Benjamins are a currency. In former times, people have exchanged goods to trade for services or other products.
In some countries, I believe, you can still buy a wife with camels.

Why people fail to make more money

What if I tell you that it´s pretty simple to understand how to make more money, even though there are rarely shortcuts?
We exchange money for goods and services. How much money we give for a product or service depends on its value.
Maybe, you would pay 100k for a Ferrari. If that Ferrari had bumps or other damages, you would pay less. A Ferrari with flaws has less value.
We might not like hearing this:
The money we are currently making is the value we are offering to the market or the perception of the market of our value.
The easiest way to make more money is, to bring a higher value to the market or change the market's perception of us. Or maybe we just have to enlarge the piece of the market that knows we even exist.
We might have to take action to be seen, prospect more often raises our self-esteem and feeling of self-worth - or upgrade our skill set.

The perceived value should be higher than the price of your service/product.

It just takes 5 minutes to sit down and think about how one can raise his value.
Two misconceptions about money:

The Law of Attraction Misunderstanding

Latest since the movie "The Secret" came out, many people are under the impression they can sit on their couches, visualize a Benjamin - and they will receive money.
There are several "Law of attraction" groups on Facebook who post Ferrari/House/Jewel pictures and comment that the law of attraction will buy them that car, house.
I hated to be the one to break it to them: This is not how the Universe works.
Opportunities are all around us. Always.
Our focus, our beliefs, and fears - many factors decide how our brain filters what we "see." If I told you today that you will see an elephant figurine in the next week, you would probably doubt that. I believe you will see one. Not because it suddenly manifested but because your focus shifted.
We "see" only small amounts of what is around us. Just imagine how you most of the time stop hearing the sound of the cars driving on the road in front of your house.
The Universe is full of abundance. The right way of thinking, altering the filter in our brain will lead to seeing more of the opportunities all around us. We´ll still have to grab them and take action.
We do not change reality. We change our perception. And THAT works.

The dirty money trap

Many people think that money is dirty and wrong. They will probably never have a lot of it and if they would it would cause problems for them.
Money is not good or bad. Just like a knife is not good or bad. Money is just a currency.
It is hard to attract something you perceive to be negative.
The best and strongest visualization is imagining your higher goal. Do you want to help a third world country? What do you want to do with the money you wished you had?
The brain is very resourceful in getting us what we want. The less concrete we word our "order," the better. There are several ways that lead to the desired result. Big picture "orders" work the best.
Love it - visualize it - believe it - do it.
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Thanks for reading and have a great day.