How to make a difficult decision


Very difficult decisions

Sometimes we are at a crossroad in our life where we have to make a difficult decision.

  • Should I start my own business or stay where I am?
  • Do I want a baby or focus on my career?
  • Should I cut the salary of all employees or fire 10 people?
  • Do I stay in my unhappy relationship for the kids?

Did you know that there is a simple hack to make difficult decisions easy?

How to make difficult decisions easy

Let's start with the why:

Why are some decisions difficult to make?

The answer is simple. Difficult decisions are difficult because no alternative seems better than the other.

Perhaps one alternative offers security while the other holds the opportunity for a larger gain. Or you have to decide if you want to trade security for freedom.

Option A might mean you will miss something now while option B could mean you will miss something later on for the rest of your life. Maybe one decision will make you unhappy while the alternative will make others unhappy.

One decision would make shareholders happy but your employees would hate you while the alternative makes everyone like you but you might not hit your target.

Think about it: when was the last time you had a hard time deciding? Maybe you have to decide right now and you can't decide which way to go.

Is it because none of the options seem better than the other? Or because you will have to trade one thing important to you for another?  Perhaps there just is no better alternative.

Let me share with you the simple trick I use to make difficult life decisions easy.

I will say upfront that it does not help with small decisions. While I have no trouble making important life decisions quickly, I still might take 5 minutes to decide which toppings I want on my pizza.

Our hack is: We change the question.


What person do I want to be?

Instead of asking: "Which decision is the better one?" we will ask: "What person do I want to be?"

You're not depending on making the best decision anymore. You can stop making a rational pro and contra list. Just throw it away!

Now you are deciding which reason for deciding matters more to you.

Is that scary? Maybe.

Because it also means we accept accountability for our decisions. It means that we take full control of our life. Not society, norms, our partner, our boss, our shareholders - we decide.

With accountability comes the opportunity to create the life you truly want. And to feel free and powerful because you make decisions are in line with your values, beliefs, and goals.

How to find your reason

How can you find out which reason matters the most to you? Simple. Look at your dreams and values.

Check your options:.

  • How will my life change?
  • Do I want to be the person?
  • Is it in line with my value system?

Suddenly you find that one option is better than the other.

Maybe the option in line with your "reason" is the scarier one.

So what?

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