Having it all, John Assaraf, NeuroGym - Review

A Review Of John Assaraf’s Having It All

Do you ever wonder why some people have it all, while others struggle so hard just to make ends meet? I find this an intriguing question and found a program called

Having It All by John Assaraf, Neurogym

For those who have not heard of the bestselling "Having it all", here comes my take on it:

Let me tell you a little about what I found in this program and why I really like it. Basically, there are three options: A free video series, a book and the full program (please see end of post for ways how to reserve a spot and where to buy):

having it all free video series

  • A free series of video
  • The full program
  • The book

What I Really Liked About Having it all

I’m sure you have seen similar goal-achieving workbooks before, haven’t you? I found that this is definitely not one of them.

What John does in this program is to explain the brain and how it works related to goal achievement and living your dreams. He talks about things from discusses quantum physics to how the brain achieves success. I thought this approach was interesting.

Did you know that the latest thing in quantum physics and research of the brain teaches you to overcome negative thinking behaviors and patterns?

By doing this, we can achieve our goals and dreams. Do you ever have people ask you why you are not writing your affirmations down and reading them every day? Do you ever wonder why you should do that?

I mean, everyone tells you to do that, so it must be important, right? Amazingly, John tells you why it is so important in Having It All. He also talks about brain training and explains how our brains are not hard-wired like we used to believe.

What does that mean? The delightful news is that we can change those neural patterns within our brain and, therefore, we can change our life for the better. This concept that we can change these neural patterns is called brain plasticity or neuroplasticity. I find this very empowering.

This is not a get-rich-quick scheme, nor is it a law of attraction book. John discusses benefits of visualization, meditation, affirmations and gives you all the tools needed to change areas in your life, such as relationships, wealth, charity, career, and health.

There are two ways to get Having It All. One way is the book which is priced at $15 and the complete program is only $97. As mentioned before you can also sign up to receive a free video series.

I think spending the extra money on the program is well worth your money. Why?

  • The program has a lot of extras that are not included in the book
  • Included is the book Values Based Living. This book helps you to discover what matters to you and helps you to align daily activities with values and beliefs that matter the most.
  • Bonus training called How To Get More Done In Less Time. This gives you tips on being productive and strategies that help to maximize your time.
  • Bonus training Life on Target. This training shows you how to take those goals that huge and break it down to smaller chunks like, yearly, monthly and weekly
  • Access to John’s private Facebook Group (it is hard to even put a price on this. Spend one full year in a group of like-minded people and talk directly to John).
  • gives you worksheets and exercises that you complete so you can understand your weaknesses and strengths.
Here is what you will receive when buying the full program:
having it all review john assaraf neurogym

What I Didn’t Like About Having It All

The program and book are easy to get through, however, it does require you to take action.
Each of the worksheets takes a bit of time.

However, this is probably only a "con" for people who are not ready to make changes. I for one know that there is no free lunch at the end of the day.


To do this program successfully, you need to take your time and absorb it and take the actions needed. After all, this is your life, your dream, and your happiness and success.

If you are searching for clarity, focus and moving forward in your life, I highly recommend John Assaraf’s Having It All and am giving this a 10 out of 10 stars. I feel that everyone can achieve improvements in his quality of life or career with the help of this program.

I hope my review of Having It All has motivated you to take action today! Although you could listen to or read Having it All rather quickly, if you are looking to get unstuck, gain clarity and focus, and live your life on purpose, then buy the program. It will help you.

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