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Storytelling Training

In this 5-day training, you will not only learn "classic" storytelling

  • What kind of stories are there
  • Write your stories
  • Tell your stories
  • and much more

but also why storytelling as a tool to sell more doesn't work for many people-and how you can make it work for you. 


Empathy Training

In this 7-day series, you will get an overview about the powerful system we teach in our Project Empathy Social Skills Training

You receive usable insights in our "doable by you" system to get people and get through to them.

This offer contains an eBook and an email series (1 daily email for 7 days.)


Happiness Checklist

This list offers pointers and reminders that make checking your habits easy. 

What we do every day decides what results we'll be getting in our careers and in life. 

Small changes can make a huge difference. 


Fear Analysis Worksheet

Fear and anxiety


Brainwave Entrainment Edu Series

Brainwave entrainment has a bad reputation. Partly because vendors make unrealistic claims, partly due to the low quality of some products on the market, and partly because a few individuals put it in the "esoteric" corner. 

However, German psychiatrist Hans Berger (1873-1941) invented eleroencephalography (EGG) which is a method for recording brain waves in 1924. 

Depending on our status (awake, focused, asleep, angry...,) our brainwaves "swing" at different frequencies. 

Brainwave entrainment is functional audio that encourages your brainwaves to swing at the frequency that serves you best at that moment. 

If you believe that sounds cannot impact your mood, you've never been woken up by a bird on your balcony that just wouldn't stop chirping. Regarding subliminal messages: Just say 10 times "hate" loud and then 10 times "love." Do you feel differently?

I recommend you give functional audio a chance. I created an info series for you (7 days, 7 messages that each cost you a minute to read) and also added a free session for you to try. 


Exercises for stronger Teams

These are some of the exercises I use in on-site trainings. Fellow coaches and facilitators might also find them useful.

In a playful, fun way, groups and teams can increase team trust and empathy, improve their communication skills and self-awareness. 

The exercises are fabulous for disintegrated teams. They might work in difficult familiy constructs as well. However, use at home at your own risk.