Interview with Dr. Mark Goulston - Unconditional

Interview with Dr. Mark Goulston - Unconditional

You will hear more from me about the incredible Dr. Mark Goulston. Today, I had an interview with him that I consider so valuable that I want to share the goodness with you right away.   Podcast Episode with Dr. Mark Goulston This week's episode is crowned by the incredible Dr. Mark Goulston. Be prepared: […]

Positive vs. negative Motivation

Why positive motivation is better for your brain I just scrolled through my LinkedIn news feed and noticed plenty of negative quotes. You find them on all social networking sites.  Motivation is the sum of motives for our readiness to act which means our pursuit of goals or targets based on emotional and neuronal activity.  […]

The Price of Intuition

Intuition is the result of suffering I had what people call a violent, abusive father. My mom told me that he became like that after a car accident that left my father in a coma for 6 months and 1 week. My mom also told me that it's my fault she ever had to marry […]

How to not self-sabotage

In this 20 minutes video, I have put together for you practical tips that will allow to take your first steps towards self-case, self-love and putting an end to self-sabotage. Let me know if you like the video format. Check out my mindfulness and coaching specials HERE

8 Best Tips For Introverts

Extroverts benefit from these tips too! It's difficult to be an introvert. Often it seems as if the surest way to be the center of attention is trying to avoid it. Most of our interests, character traits and likes have developed during our childhood. Our family, friends, our profession, and setbacks and failure - all of […]

Why LOA Does Not Work For You - Revisited

Today I was reminded of an old post of mine when I watched a fabulous series of videos by NeuroGym's John Assaraf. Ah, sweet nostalgia. I wrote this in summer 2015 when I just started this blog. "Why the law of attraction is not working for you" NeuroGym has created a series of four free videos […]

Infographic Motivation

Grab your free 30-minute brain entrainment mindfulness meditation HERE 10 % off all other items with code VDAY2017 (3 days only)! Custom Brain Entrainment sessions are available for professional and personal use!

Symptoms of Depression

It is now 20 years ago that Steve jumped from the rooftop of the office building in Frankfurt, Germany. My colleague AND friend, Steve (Dr. Steve R.), was an extraordinarily good Management Consultant. Even though he did not speak German, his expertise and sincere interest in supporting clients made German companies overlook that fact. No […]

20 Powerful Affirmations To Reduce Anxiety

Go to slideshare to access the powerpoint version where you can download the affirmations that resonate with you the most HERE Please use those as ideas.  You know that I always recommend that you write your own, as they tend to be even more powerful. 

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