How to deal with toxic people in your life

How to deal with toxic people in your life

After a long day, I went to LinkedIn to look at my notifications. I read a few comments and replied to them. After a few minutes, I noticed I felt exhausted. From what? Responding to a few comments? I removed myself from the conversation. Then I realized that I have not shared tips on how to […]

8 Hacks For More Confidence

Confidence is self-trust. How far we trust ourselves decides about our results. A former trainer of mine, Lester Karrass, famously said: "In business and in life - you don't get what you deserve, you get what you negotiate." The less faith you have in yourself, the weaker will you negotiate. You will settle for little. […]

Conditional Love: I Can´t Say No

The inability to say “no” or handle negative feedback are often the result of conditional love. What is conditional love Someone who is very close to you, like your life partner or parents, keeps giving you the feeling that you have to behave in a certain way or achieve certain results to deserve to be […]